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    Is anyone going to the Groom Classic in Kansas City in April? I haven't decided if I'm going or not and was wondering if anyone has gone in the past. The last seminar I went to I was disappointed. I've never been to to this one before.

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    I'll be there--and I've been every year since it started. It's usually an excellent seminar, on the small side--which allows for more Q&A time with the speakers. I always leave with at least one tip to save time/make more money--that I'd never have thought of on my own.....


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      I go to Groom Classic every year and I always learn something new. This year I am going to go to more of the business type classes and I'm really looking forward to going to the class on icky ears. I was hoping that they might have something for the mobile groomers to get together, like a round-up I guess, but not this year. I would really like to meet some other mobile groomers, I'm out here in the sticks! The shopping is also pretty good, I haven't bought anything recently since I'm waiting for the show.


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        If you see me and Arthur wandering around the show, stop and say hello!

        Hopefully, Arthur will be on his best behavior throughout the weekend, and he's always good for a bit of pup-therapy for groomers deprived of dog contact for (**gasp**) three whole days!