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  • Furminator shampoo

    Has anyone used Furminator shampoo and conditioner? What do you think of them?

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    I have not used this system yet, but plan to in my shop asap. I have talked to a few owners who were very impressed with the results.


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      i'm glad you asked i want to buy some but i'm not sure if it works if anybody has used please let us know asap.


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        I've used it, and don't see any significant difference between using that and the Stazko's shampoo followed by Tropiclean D-Mat conditioner through the bathing system. These products are much less expensive, and work better for more different purposes, so why keep one more shampoo on hand than is needed? The key is NOT the particular shampoo, but properly using the BATH SYSTEM and HV-dryer. I also use the Zoom Groom while soaking the dog in the conditioner.


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          Furminator Products

          We did three Big Hairies today (using the Furminator Shampoo and conditioner) I really think that the Furminator products make a big difference in the final outcome. I've been grooming for more than 20 years so I am used to doing the deshedding the old fashioned way, yes I am an old broad. These three dogs looked fantastic when we finished them. 1- chowX 2-14plus Lab 3- Huge Rott the van looked like we'd been wading in hair for days heehee. That and 3 other dogs including a little alligator rolling mixbreed. good thing there were 2 of us in the van or we would still be out there ;-)


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            I've used their shampoo and conditioner and really wasn't all that impressed. It's remarkably similar to iSmart shampoo and Tropiclean's DeMat, which is what I use now. I get the same results. Don't see any reason to pay more $$$.


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              I just checked prices in PetEdge.
              The Furminator brand conditioner is $33.43/ga and dilutes 8:1
              The Tropiclean D-Mat is $34.99/ga and does not say it dilutes at all.


              I've been using the Furminator brand solution, but I am skeptical that it has any real benefit over other conditioners. It does smell fantastic though.