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    I was just checking out 'socalkevins' website and I saw pics of his very interesting trailer setup. I am waiting for more info from him, but also wanted to pose a question to the group. His interior is setu[p so that the tup is on the side of the trailer instead of being centered. I am assuming that his water tanks are on the wall as well. It enabes one to walk all the way through the unit. While his trailer is a different style than what I am considering, I am wondering how well it would work in a typical cargo trailer based unit? I have been wondering just how important it is to center weight between the walls. I am becoming familiar with how the weight needs to be distributed front to back, just not side to side.

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    thanks' for noticing my trailer ...well the water and grey and black (bathroom) tanks are all located..under the floor..accessible from underneath..they are long..and about 5 or 6 inches thick and run between the angle iron floor joists (about 2 ft i think) there is a drain on the side..that has valves for each tank.....they distribute the water evenly so its perfectly balanced...and they dont take up any room inside the trailer...I only had to run my drain to the grey tank once the tub was installed..i tied into the water lines which were right next to where i installed tub...Having this configuration (tub against wall lenghwise) makes it quite easy to lift under dog from tub and just turn around and place on table...Actually my table is hydraulic so quite often i put the larger dogs (I get lots of larger dogs..nobody in my area does dog's over 50 lbs...) on table..lift up then just lift under them and turn 90 tub..alot easier than deadlifiting from floor...


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      Hey Kevin!

      I really like your rig and like the idea of having all that room! I'm not really claustraphobic (sp?) but I do like the idea of having a little more room. Was your trailer formerly a camper sort of trailer or something? It's just very stylish! If you have any more pics could you post them or perhaps I'll contact you offline for more info...I am guessing that you did most of the work yourself?