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  • cancellation policy?

    This is mainly directed at mobile groomers. Do you have a cancellation policy? Do you charge for an appointment cancelled within a certain period of time? How do you charge that fee if you do?

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    I have a friend that has her mobile Biz going and I asked her that same question. She said she has a credit card machine and gets their cc # on all new clients. She requires that they be home the first visit. She says that if they are not home, she charges a $30.00 fee. She says they learn after a couple of times they get charged.


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      Yes. Any cancellation without 24 hours notice. If no notice, they can be charged $XX amount of dollars for a no-show or a short-notice cancellation. Advance payment will be required if they no-show me twice. So far I've done this once, the woman (notoriously no-showed or was always very very late), never came to pre-pay (she didn't have a credit card), and she never came back. Fine by me. I lost well over $100 because of this ONE person.

      Tammy in Utah
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        No Credit Cards

        I get calls often to open credit cards for business. I always felt that they are not cost-effective and trouble with renting the machine or whatever. I can't imagine debit cards. I know it isn't dishonest to charge for NO Shows as I too, have lost two-dog big bucks because of it. If they don't sign an agreement (how over phone) can you get them to trust you the way hotels do to hold a room for 24hrs? I think people would not go for that here. Being part-time I probably won't ever do credit cards. The big corporates never loose money cuz they do. I would not want to have the option to be vindictive if stood up.We can't use it as a write-off loss either.


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          I charge a no show fee on a cancellation with less than 24 hours notice. I have a waiting list and if I am told the client needs to reschedule then I have no problem fillling the slot. If I show up and no one is there and I can''t access the dog, I charge a nominal fee, basically it covers gas, but not much of my time. If they no show me a 2nd time I put them on prepay and if it happens a third time I drop them. I am pretty much at capacity and don't need to mess around with people who screw up my day and lose me money.

          I make reminder calls the day or two before their appointment, so there really is no excuse (and it does keep these problems to a minimum).

          That said, if the dog or the client has a last minute emergency and they have been good clients otherwise they get a pass on the fee. I generally have a retiree or at home person from later in the week that I can call to move into a last-minute opening and get some time to fill the newly opened slot. This sort of thing works for me now that I have culled my further clients, I'd say a good 90% of my clients are within 5-6 miles so they are easier to reschedule if I need to.

          I HAVE lost clients who weren't there and refused to pay the fee, but who needs those kinds of clients?



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            but how do you charge them?

            I see the point of charging them but how do you collect the money? let say i leave an invoice in the door with the note about the no show or whatever but how do you get your money?, It make me really mad when people is not at the house but honesty there is nothing i can do about it just forget about that client, not second chance, if they didn't think about me, why should i about them


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              I have my no show policy printed on each and every one of my invoices so there is no excuse for a client not to be aware of it unless they are new.
              I do usually give their first offence free (unless they are new) but I still leave the invoice with the amount marked out and a note saying that the first time only is no charge. New clients, I leave the invoice along with my address. They either pay for my wasted time or they do not get another appointment from me. I am pretty well booked and I just don't need clients that start out disrespecting my time. With my regulars, they know it will be added to their next grooming. (or they can mail it to me if they wish) They also know it is unlikely that they will be able to get another appointment for their pet for several weeks so they miss out on more than just the no show fee.



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                1st time gets a brake then i charge

                cancellations within 48 hrs will be charged a service fee is on the next appt. card. for regulars i usually give a break, if they are sick or pet is sick and it's a true emergency i don't charge, many even offer to pay the fee. for a couple who are oblivious and call an hour before i arrive i charge 1/4 to 1/2 the grooming price. if it's short notice it's too hard to rebook and i'm out the income. That appt. was time dedicated to their pet and their pet alone. since it's sucha personal service i think it's fair. i usually add it to the next bill.