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    I am mobile, duh, mobile section..... I had two new mini Schnauzers today. Thw white boy is Keebler. he came from a little pet shop, not a franchise. They named him Keebler because they said he looked like a Keebler elf. He was good and cute. Not much fur, as they wanted correct pattern set. With thaty dark skin underneath, I powder chest, but and even head. I do (natural) easrs closer than head. He smelled like J. baby powder w/ foo foo baby cologne added. They said he looked better than ever before! He always had a high bib before and odd side fringe. I kept wanting to go buy some cookies tho. His Schn. buddy, a girl, I forgot to write down her name...was very overgrown. Little Schn. Floppy ears set well on her head. She was really transformed. Very good and cute. They booked for 1st Sat in May.I think I will call him Keebler the keeper. He's a keeper kinda client. They looked so cute sitting on the couch together, all happy and proud of themselves.I told them I would tell you all about him...mostly cuz of cute name.