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  • Pimp My Ride update

    Some of you may remember the post where MTV's show Pimp My Ride was looking to "pimp" a mobile grooming van. How neat would that be, right!?!

    I couldn't help but respond, drove there to audition and was told after 2 months I was one of the finalists (one of 16) and from what I understood the only grooming van audition left. That was in Nov./Dec. I was told they had to cast the show by the end of February and that I would hear something by then if they were going to use me. (They were never very specific- it was one of those "We'll let you know if we want you, can't say much more." type of things.)

    Well anyway, the end of February was two days ago and I've not heard a peep so I guess it's a no go. I hope that maybe I was wrong about me being the only van and they are going to at least do someone elses grooming van. Did anyone else on here audition? Looks like House call grooming for me now though! Shoot.

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    That stinks...

    Sorry to hear about that. I was wondering what was going on with the outcome of that. Maybe they are running behind schedule...and haven't called you yet? It just stinks that they don't let you know one way or the other. Another thing that stunk about it is that you have to be within a certain age bracket and reside in southern cali. I would have loved to see what they did to your van...


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      You never know

      Likely you weren't picked, but knowing people in the Biz, everything goes on their time. Could be even a major delay. I'll still root for you.
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        Dang, sounds like a bad job interview. "We'll call you if we decide you're the right candidate..." and then hear nothing at all, not even a letter to let you know they'd chosen someone else. Bummer.

        Tammy in Utah
        Groomers Helper Affiliate


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          Thanks guys. It would have been awesome but on the bright side I still have a great job without it.