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    After a four year hiatus I am looking at getting back into grooming and the only way I am liking the idea of going mobile. (I groomed for more years than I care to admit on a public board for fear of being called wicked old) Anyway, I am looking for your input on what setups seems to work well for you all. I know that it takes a while to get used to grooming this way and I was always kind of weird about where I groomed...even moving my table after a renovation had me flipped out for a couple of weeks!...but I am looking for direction as far as manufacturers that have gear that can take a beating (I'm a of the few, the brave male groomers secure enough with their manhood to be a groomer AND a Dad!) But any input would be appreciated. It may be a while before I'm back full time but I'd like to do some research first....manufacturers....different options such as hydrosurge and dryers...and a good place to look for a nice trailer....your help will be appreciated and welcomed...Thank you!

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    I have a Gryphon trailer and I love it. It is roomy well built and a great price. The guy that makes them is also a groomer, so he designed the kind of trailer that he would like to groom in. It tows really nice.
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      Hi TinksDad

      I recently bought a trailer from AMBERS MOBILE PET SALONS. I love it and would not change a thing. Lots of room, quality equiptment and GREAT customer service. Check out their web site and give them a call.........u won't be sorry.



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        My trailer is by Hanvey. I tow a 14 footer with a full-size Titan...hey, if a chick can do it, you can too! It took some practice to back it up, but I can manuever it almost anywhere now. What I really like about the company, is they build their units so that they are user-friendly to work on yourself, with phone guidance, of course. I really like being able to have a usable vehicle after disconnecting, so a trailer was a good option for me, plus the $$. If you are going to take your time and get the best stuff, I recommend getting an aluminum costs a little more, but is a lot lighter and I wish I had done this. I have my generator mounted directly on the tongue (after market) so I really am using most of my truck's hitch weight limit. I do big dogs, so it is nice to have a lift table. I wish I had gotten an electric one, but if there were power probs, my hydraulic will still work! I would have liked the trailer wired for 30 amp circuit instead of 20, because that is what my generator is and I could have more power right now. As for equipment, I am in love with my Airmax dryer, Bathing Beauty and Taxi Vac. There are cheaper ways to build your own bath system, as it is a simple design, and an Ivac can be used with a shop vac, to save a little $$. I like to use Andis clippers and I found that the Wahl steel clipper combs work nicer than plastic! Don't skimp on good shampoo/other products, with the bath system, it will last a long time anyhow. As a mobiler you should charge a premium rate and make it a premium service. If you don't have good people skills, work on that now...if you can b.s. with someone for a few minutes, they will love you even more...I am all about customer service and being upbeat. I also recommend some sort of port-a-potty for when you can't make pit stops easily, even a small pail lines with plastic bags will do in a pinch! (This part should be MUCH easier for you, of this some days I am envious, LOL!) My best advice is to plan out your scheduling so you don't wear yourself out, and read this board often. Best of luck!!!


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 a dude groomer too..i guess there aren't many.........and I'm mobile...
          I have a 14 ft. trailer..that I pull with a 3/4 ton chevy truck and it works great for me..but i was use to pulling a boat and I can maneuver it well.
          I agree that you should have a 30 amp I do..need it for a/c unit and hv dryer etc...Oh..and you'll probably want a hydraulic table for larger dogs..I love mine. it's an is my tub.....I have a honda generator in the back of my truck that is more than sufficient to run everything at once...but I also have a shore line so If i have to plug in I can...
          If i had a Van I would definitley look into the inverter systerm which I know little about but am intrigued by.
          Oh...I almost forgot trailer has a large ramp type door in the back for BIG dogs..which really comes in handy.....
          Good luck to you on your endeavor .....
          Another "dude groomer"


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            WOW! You guys are great and keep the suggestions coming! I have checked out a few of the manufacturers websites and like parts of, after grooming for so many years with equipment that was just sort of so-so I would like to finally do it the way that I want. A girl that I used to work with and I both used to drool over the lighted hydrolic tables...I have also heard more good things than bad about Hydrosurge systems and I'm a freak about getting the dogs clean, clean, clean...they dry faster and the hair is easier to work on...I like the cabinets and layout of the Pawsh trailers (love cherry cabinets)....heat and ac are desireable because I'm wicked old and hate to be too hot or too cold...yes I'm a sensitive little flower!! As far as a vaccuum system, I wasn't too impressed with my friends system....again, I'm a dude and I want something that you can suck a cannonball up with...turn it on and it creates a vortex that pulls the hair from every corner of the room...well, not quite that much suction but you know what I mean. I also like alot of light since my eyes are going (memo to self...get eyes checked) and saw somewhere a manufacturer who had a skylight of some sort...liked that idea...and I also read on here where someone was putting a tv in and was looking for guidance. That of course got me thinking about how much I loved watching sesame street while grooming!!!...and I will need to become addicted to soap operas too....a kickin' sound system to listen to masculine rockin tunes like Led Zepplin and AC-DC (makes me groom faster)...I like the idea of the portapotty but being a guy, a Pepsi (R) bottle will do...sorry ladies! I will keep on reading and I appreciate all the input from everyone...especially stuff that I would probably never think of like the 30 amp and tongue mounted generator....good bunch of folks you are!!


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              personally, I would not go with wood of any kind inside a mobile. moisture? warp, moitsure, warp lol mold mold...everyone sing along! lol


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                Some important resources.

                I just thought I would throw this out there. Heres some awesome places to look at.

                There is so much info and links for more and more info. Its a must see.

                This is a site I got from a post here. There is small shipping fee compared to many other sites. I found some great cheap cheap deals here. I also love petedge.

                If you need an awesome awesome grooming guide? Notes From the Grooming Table!!! Its completely perfect. Its show and pet grooming styles. It talks about everything from washing to drying to anatomy to breed cuts... just awesome.

                And also you would want to go here.

                I got lost there today. I didn't want to come out. Darn cell phone!


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                  How do the pets react to the Zepplin and AC/DC? I'm actually stuck with them where I'm at now. I like'em too, but wow, I think it would freak the pets out a bit more than something quieter (nature sounds and new age/classical music is my preference) .


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                    Pets love zep ac dc and the moody blues.They dont seem all that into the dead but I guess that is a gererational thing.They have'nt liked zappa or ozzi ,to bad for them huh? One dog puked when i was station hopping and accidently landed on manalow.well I puked any way he might have puked as a secondary to my getting sick.

                    here try this song

                    I like to dream
                    Yes yes right between the sound machine
                    on a cloud of sight I drift in the night
                    any place it goes is right
                    Goes far, flies near, to the stars away from here

                    Well you don't know what we could find
                    why don't you come with me little girl on a magic carpet ride
                    You don't know what we could see
                    why don't you tell your dreams to me, fantasy will set you free
                    close your eyes girl, look inside girl, let the sound take you away

                    Last night I held Aladdin's lamp, so I wished that I could stay
                    before the thing could answer me well someone took, took the lamp away
                    I looked around a lousy can was all I found

                    Well you don't know what we could find
                    why don't you come with me little girl on a magic carpet ride
                    well you don't know what we could see
                    why don't you tell your dreams to me, fantasy will set you free
                    close your eyes girl, look inside girl, let the sound take you away

                    Well you don't know what we could find
                    why don't you come with me little girl on a magic carpet ride
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                      you have too much time on your hands lol
                      If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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                        AC/DC and Zepplin...oh man, you guys rock! I saw AC/DC in concert when I was 19...and I am waaay to young to have actually SEEN Led Zepplin. Those are among my most favorites!!! (My dog's namesake is Ozzy, btw)...sweet. I ALWAYS have my radio tuned to the classic rock station, AND I sing to the dogs...occasionally dance with them...or make them dance...poor dogs. Once, I was grooming a black lab and "Black Dog" came on...ok, I'll stop now.

                        Oh yeah, regarding tongue-mounted gennies: if you can find a way to mount a fuel tank properly, let me know. I use a 6 gallon marine tank with a quick disconnect. The Onan guys couldn't come up with an idea for it, so I just tie it down in my truck bed so it isn't anywhere near the exhaust, and of course, not directly above the generator. Also, I am sure cherry cabinets look great, but wouldn't you be worried about what the moisture would do to them? You are gonna need stuff that can get wet, not just "moist" but sprayed wet. I would imagine that over time, the wood is gonna warp. I think sliding doors would make the most sense. Even magnetic doors could swing open and you could lose stuff...think about all the shifting that happends, say, when you drive over train tracks or stop suddenly.

                        SoCal dude: How noisy is your Honda? I had one for a day, and it was just waaaaaay too noisy for me. If you keep it in your truck bed, how do you keep it in place? I know it weighs lots and lots, but do you take it out each night to store it? I had my fuel tank stolen in broad daylight and am paranoid about losing expensive stuff!!!


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                          I think Doug has been sniffing too much exhaust! rofl you are too freakn funny Doug...too funny!!!


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                            If you saw Led Zep when you were 19 then you are old than me! Bonham passed when I was about 16! And Black Dog? I groomed in a shop with two Suthern Gals and got some pretty strange looks one day when I broke out into song when it came on the radio....good thing groomers are fairly accepting folks.

                            As far as the wood cabinets...I'm not sure what the folks at Pawsh use but they sure as heck looks like cherry...we'll see...I think it's gonna take me going to the "roundup" at groom expo in September to actually stand in one and poke around. It's been so long since I've groomed I think the big thing that bothers me is being able to access three sides of the table...I think I need to take one for a "test drive" or "test groom" but I'm afraid that once I do my days of working in corportate america and spending eight plus hours a day in a cube will be done!

                            As far as the clippervac....I don't know if I can do it. I know that some clippervac folks border on the rabid side and wouldn't think of grooming without one....but I sort of flip my clippers around quite a bit, if that makes any sense. I'll never say that I'll never use one because any time I say something like that I find that it's the greatest thing since chocolate, which is pretty great, so I will just try to keep an open mind and check that out too...


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                              Doug, your avatar makes me think of Animal from the muppets...or an 80's