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    I have a question and need a reply soon. A lady from an advertising co called to ask if I would be interested in advertising on a prescription bag from Frys grocery/drug store. It would be for the entire year @400.00 exclusive . Lots of seniors (They can't or won't pay my rate) nice busy store near my home 2 some miles. I said I would ask you folks and Paws from Gilbert. If interested ca..Oh, call me at my bus # and I can give it to you. I think it would not pay. Who looks at prescription bags.? I got one from another store and tossed it. I never looked at it. Grocery receipts have ads on them and I .I would be 10 or more grooms to pay for entire year. BUT I don't need that amt charged on my credit card right now.At my age, and PT hours, I don't need that. I pay too much now with phone book ad. most of you advertise on the web? Some of your sites are fantastic and must be pricey. Seniorws don't do computer viewing, but I need. Those double income no kids, or grown kids people. DINKS they call them.Hahaha.

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    I agree with you, I don't think advertising on those prescription bags is a good way to spend your advertising money. No one looks at those that I know of. I had the same sales pitch to me, along with one for the grocery store receipts, covers for phone books, high school football name it. I spent a lot of money advertising my first year. The only thing that really consistently gave results was the yellow pages. This year, I downscaled my ad a lot (I am just about booked up to capacity) and the only thing it lists is my company name, then the web address, then the phone number. People like to learn more about your business on the internet before calling you. This can also week people out who find the website via the YP. They may see that you don't service their area, don't work saturdays, or that your base price is more than they ever dreamed of paying (if you put prices on the site). People who call me after visiting the website are better informed of my services and I have less work to do on the phone. You can set up a nice website really quickly on some of these hosting sites and the monthly rates are cheaper than that $400 for the prescription bags. Also, you would be surprised at the numer of senior citizens who are very web saavy. I service primarily retirement aged clients and they are all over the computer.


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      web surfing seinors!

      I agree! Surfing the web has become a great sr. pastime. And, they do like "meeting" you via the web, yes, they are more informed of your services, and your work (if you put lots of photos on your site). Totally a great idea.

      I did my first web site with godaddy for less then a hundred dollars, that included my domain name (my and my hosting I did 5 pages, and my traffic blazer which shoots your site into search engines.

      I used Web site tonight, which is a template generated thing (boy do I need that) and when I had an oops, or I got stuck...I could call and I'd get a body to help me fix it, or they'd do it. So worth the $$$. Now I have a huge site, unlimited pages, lots of bandwidth for photos, and I have to tell ya' it's the best tool for my area. Mustluvdogs, you wouldn't go wrong with this. Best advertising for the $$$.

      Now there are lots of these sites around, I just happen to use GoDaddy because it's based in Tempe, and so easy to use.
      Call me Mustluvdogs...
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        I don't think I would do it. I have a free website and get my business via vet referrals, client referrals and referrals from other groomers (cause I can do the big guys!). I hate to say this, but my experience with the more elderly crowd is they are penny pinchers, which is understandable! I had a few calls from dropping off brochures, dog treats and cards at a retirement community...they were trying to get me to do "just a bath" or "just a shave" and finally just end up telling me I am too expensive. You would be better off leaving some business cards at the counter, IMO.


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          I agree, YP and the web are the best. Like azoci said, seniors now days are very computer saavy. I have one retirement community I service, most are "online". About the cost of websites. If you can write a letter or make a brochure, you can make a website yourself. The total cost of mine was under $15.