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questions to ask someone who's selling a van?

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  • questions to ask someone who's selling a van?

    What questions would you ask someone who's selling their mobile vehicle? Namely, a WnT Pet Pro?

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    I would NOT get less than E350

    To support water weight and conversion I feel you need say ,a Ford E350. Bigger wheels and suspension.Price difference very little for benefits.Electric windows would been nice.I think 2 ceiling fan vents necessary for in and out air flow. Don't skimp on stuff like that. If I were to custom build a new cvan, I would only do a few things differently. One would be to have Batteries. If not, the generator and electric would also have separate shore line extra. for extra electric power. You can't have too much electical power and amps allowance.i would rather have too much than too little circuit breakers and amp allowance.Microwave oven, fridge options after all the other goodies. Now we're gettin into dream machines again huh?Those in snow need good heaters of course. AZ needs power for good A/C.


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      Hi I think it would be very important to see reciepts on van maitnance and generator maitnance.You have to make sure that they kept up with that other whys you could be buying someone elses problems.Ask why they are selling?How many miles are on the van?


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        Get a carfax on it!!!!! Ask why they're selling. Ask if it burns oil? Uses any fluids? Are there any problems with the mechanical part of the van. Ask If there is any problems with the mobile part of the van. Have a mechanic go with you to look at it. Look at the mileage. Make sure it has a sound engine.
        Good Luck!


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          Be sure to get the maintanence records for the generator and the van itself to make sure it's been properly kept up. It would be worth it to pay a mechanic to give the vehicle a good once over to make sure you aren't about to buy any major problems.

          As far as why they are selling, it doesn't make much difference. I mean, they aren't going to tell you they are selling being it runs like ****. Most likely reasons are desire to have a newer vehicle (trading up), retiring, for some reaosn they could not make a go of it. As for the latter, that should not matter to you if you're in another area, done your research and are highly motivated.

          I think the main thing is that the van has been kept up, is scrupulously cleaned and detailed and has all maintanence records. I was originally going to sell my 2004 WT in 2009 when it was paid off, just to have a newer van and take advantage of any advances they've made, but for now have decided to hang onto it till the kid is out of college to improve the cash flow. My area is pretty competitive and very high income ... image matters a lot so I want to be seen in a good "ride." But there are some great deals out there if you want to go used! I keep mine very well-maintained with the records to support it and intend to sell it when it's about 8-9 years old and should still have another 9-9 yeas life in at least.