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Dog Hair "splinters"

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  • Dog Hair "splinters"

    Anybody have this problem??? I go through Biore pads by the dozen. The dog hair feels like splinters in my skin. I get them in my arms, too. I sprinkle baby powder on my arms sometimes to prevent it and that helps. I used to get them stuck in my "chest" until I started wearing nylon groomer jackets. Now, I get the hair splinters mostly on my face. Drives me NUTS!!!!!

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    Yeah, i had one in the very corner of my eye this week. What a pain!
    What does a dog do on it's day off?


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      Probably don't wear makeup but....

      I have used mineral powder make up for 3 years or so if I do put make up on for grooming. Bare essentuals , spelled that way. I think it helps protect my skin. Cockers make me crazy tho. Liquid make up and/or moisturizer makes fur stick tro the you probably know. About.. the mineral powder...quick, easy, natural. I love the luminous glow ones. I use Philosphy skin care. really makes my face baby skin soft when I am regular. Expensive, but packages last a long time. People noticed mt skin improvement. The two products work greast together. Both QVC . Philosphy Nordstrom too. QVC has deals sometimes.


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        Since I began using a clipper vac I rarely get them now. But there are occasions that I can not use it and I may get them in my cuticles, or just on my hands or arms. I have gotten them on my chest in my bra as well, so if you have a rubber apron, that cuts down on them.

        I also use a wash cloth and soap up my arms and hands and use a nail brush to help loosen and wash the splinters away after grooming is over. That has helped me with them too.


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          The silver duct tape works great for getting hair slivers out of elbows.


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            If you can get your hands on a clipper vac, it will pretty much solve that problem. That is one of the best things about them. I DO NOT LIKE HAIR SPLINTERS!!! We're bitter enemies. I hope you find something to solve this dilemma, as it is one of the worst parts of grooming.

            Tammy in Utah
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              Scotties and westies are the worst for splinters!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                i hate them!!!!

                i know its horrilbe but if you rub baby oil where you have splinters before you get in the shower it helps them slip right out! I wouldn't use it on your face unless you want to break out he he!!!


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                  2 Replys

                  1. Maybe the reason I didn't know about hair splinters is because i have owned a clipper Vac since I had my first van back in 1991. 2. I wear nylon scrubs, so no fur splinters in bra. I used to wear sport what ever is handy. Also I had a boyfriend back in 1969 who used johnsons baby oil on his face every time he shaved after a shave. Saw him several years later and he was still using baby oil. He had the smoothest skin and George was the love of my life. If only he was as good as he looked. 6'2. Softer less rugged Tom Selleck-looking when he played Magnum PI. All of his skin was very smooth and soft from that stuff, and maybe genetics. Few wrinkles. He smokes tho, yuck. I have not seen him in many yrs. At 63-64, he probably doesn't look that great. I would rather remember him at his best. Sure would NOT want him to see me now!tUFF to get old. Look at all the movie stars and how old Tom Hanks looks...he used to be cute. Turner and Hooch etc.BIG, I loved that one.Rambling topics.....I know.


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                    hair splinters

                    I have a clipper vac, and have only had 2 splinters in 1.5 years of grooming. I swear it helps!


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                      Clipper or Taxi Vac, 'fur' sure! I also use Bare Escentuals (sp?) stays on and my face is not moist/oily from liquid, it is sooo fast to apply. It is spendy, but lasts forever. You can get a 'starter kit' at Ulta for about $50 - $60, and it includes all the fancy brushes, foundations, blushes. It is actually supposed to be pretty good for your skin! I also wear a mask and goggles while I hv...keeps the hair outta my contacts and nose.


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                        Bare Minerals

                        Yes by Bare Escentuals. On your young skin it must look great! I sleep in it too. The eye powders must really look great too. It doesn't stay on all that well when grooming. I am always rubbing my nose and face. I bet you get it at the Power Rd store too. It lasts a good long time. I could never go back to creme or liquid. Buff on quick and it still looks good.


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                          Clipper vacuum system virtually eliminate hair splinters

                          Regardless to the brand used, clipper vacuum systems virtually eliminate splinters.

                          Look at the ends of the splinters you pull and you will find that they are all about the same size(~1/4" long) and same large, guard coat sized diameter hair. They are almost always the harder coat hair and you can find identical hair all around your blades at the end of the day. You will find that all of them have both ends cut at a sharp angle. With both ends sharp and the hair short enough to be very stiff, this double cut hair is virtually all the hair that makes up splinters. The trick that a splinter uses to penetrate your skin is this. Step outside and break a twig off a tree. Break on about 1/2 long and anther 3-4 inches. Try to flex both. The short one is harder to flex. It is stiffer. Long hair can't stick you because it is more flexible. Short 1/4" guard coat hair cut sharp on both ends is as stiff as a piece of wood....Wham...You gotta splinter.

                          Yes I pulled them and put them under a scope to prove this. I had two clients save their splinters and send them to me and they almost all looked identical. Eliminate the double cut and the boogers virtually go away. Clipper vacuums, while in use, eliminate double cut guard coat hair and in turn reduce your risk of getting a splinter in the first place. The splinter hair never gets a second sharp cut plus it is carried away.

                          about 6 years ago(time is flying folks)one of my clients called and was raving about me not telling her it was supposed to help her with splinters. She had a really bad splinter problem that was now no longer a problem. She wanted to make sure I knew it. Well, frankly, at the time I did not know splinter reduction was a benefit. This is what I love about the clipper vacuum systems and bathing systems. Great things pop up everywhere in the process that you don't expect.

                          This is a proven benefit that does not get much promotion but for a few groomers who are very sensitive to getting hair spinters(depends on your type of skin and clothing) huge changes have been seen.

                          So if you want to really get rid of your splinters you have to shop for a clipper vacuum system regardless to which brand. I'm sure clipper vac and Taxi Vac or IVac users on this board can prove this by posting what they have seen happen to their splinter.



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                            Per my friend Kara :-) Keep a bottles of Elmers glue by your stand. Put it on the spot in a thin coat, let it dry and it peels off with the splinter...yea!!! It works. Also... love my Taxi Vac:-)


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                              School glue! Put a blob on the end of the splinter, let it dry 80% of the way, then shove it off. It'll take the nasty cocker hair with it. (with me it's nearly always cockers). It doesn't have to be fancy-schmancy brand-name designer Elmer's.
                              It works on cuticles, the webbing of your fingers, and yes, it does feel very strange, but it works on splinter-inside-the-bra places too. Non-toxic, non-painful, non-comedogenic, and cheaper than anything.