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Has anyone ever had this problem????

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  • Has anyone ever had this problem????

    I purchased my van used(and LOVE it), but have noticed when I fill the clean tank, especially in my driveway, I fill the water until it overflows underneath(outside) the van....
    I filled the van last night- checked gauges and was filled to top, per gauges in the van, showed up at my first groom this morning, on level ground, and tank was showing 2/3 full..... I have no leaks under van, as it is parked in the driveway at all times, and nothing is on the driveway.....
    should it be filled on level ground versus a driveway(or does that matter)???

    I have a wagn'tails conversion, just wondering if anyone else had encountered this problem or if there is a crack in my tank between 2/3 and full......if there is a crack in the tank, how does one seal it??????

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    i always fill up on leveled ground i also try not to turn the generator on when it's not leveled,maybe it has a sensor and it seems like it's full but it really is not all the way just something to think about!


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      It is not a conversion problem it is the way your van is leaning when fill up.Park facing the other way it should fill then.Gas tanks have the same problem if they a long rectangular type.
      If you ever get a cracked tank you wont be wondering anything you'll know what it is.No water will come out of the over fill at all it will empty into the inside of van and the water will pour out of your doors.


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        Wag-n-Tails van

        I have a Wag-n-Tails conversion van, also. I noticed that even when I fill the water til it overflows, after washing one dog, the water is down one "dot" on the guage on the inside of the van. I used to worry that I would run out of water and I would even fill up with a hose at a customer's house. Now, after 4 years of using the van, I realized that I could be down to 2 "dots" on that guage and still have plenty of water left.
        How do you like the van? I've noticed there is a problem gaining access to the generator. The oil needs to be checked every 8 hours and what an ordeal to crawl under the van and take the cover off the generator. I recently had to buy a new generator and I took it to an Onan dealer. They said that it is a very poor design. A generator that needs constant care and monitoring should not be that hard to get to. Have you had any problems??


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          Since 2004 WT has mounted the generator on the side and it's VERY easy to access. I don''t believe it's necessary to check the oil every 8 hours. Mine has over 3000 hrs on it and I check the oil once a week in cold weather and every other day in hot weather and it's been fine. I change oil religiously every 150 hrs and get a full svc at the dealer every 450 hrs.