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Wagntails groomers helper question

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  • Wagntails groomers helper question

    Hi for those who have a groomers helper in their wagnt how did you install it?the lip on the end of the tables aren't long enough to attache the clamps.

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    In order to use the groomers helper you have to upgrade your table. The table that wagn tails installs will not work with the groomers helper. Sorry for the bad news. When I got my bus I upgraded to a different table so that eventually I can purchase a groomers helper.


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      Groomers Helper to the rescue!

      Dear Happy Trails,

      Waggin Tails use Edemco tables. They make clamps that will transform your table into a Groomers Helper Professional Safety and Positioning System.

      You need a 1" Edemco Table Clamp and 1" X 48" stainless steel arm for your main arm in front. There is a special way to get it on so call us once you order it from us and recieve it. You also will need 2 3/4" X 3" Edemco Table clamps to hold your 3/4" Groomers Helper Arms on the sides if they do not fit.

      We sell all of the above item at a discount to you and will take back your standard table clamps you got with your Professional Set and credit you $40 toward the rest. You then can take the arms off the back of your table.

      I will be going to Global Pet Expo tomorrow. I will be in the PetLift booth if anyone would like to drop by and say hello. Please call Mark or Nicole at 1-866-987-2426 and they will take your order or give you my cell at the show.

      Good Luck,



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        I am very confused. I have a WNT with the edemco table and my groomers helper fits just fine. What is the issue?


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          Fur I went to move the arms to each end and the arm clamps are to big to attach. There is not enough table top left to attach it about 2 inches is all that is left pass the frame.


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            I see. I just attach the GH to the arms on the side of the table. Seems to work fine for me. But i hardly have to use them. I find that in mobile, you can have a client list that contains only dogs that don't require the least that seems to be my case. For the few that did need it, i put it on the existing grooming arm for whatever need. You have to be careful in raising and lowering the table though, and not get the clamp stuck under the will break the bolt.


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              I do the same thing as Fur Elite. I have just adapted the way I use the Groomer's Helper. It was kind of inconvienent at first, but you really get used to it after a while. I didn't know that chuck sold different clamps for this table though. That might be worth checking into.

              Oh, and as Fur Elite stated. Watch out when you lower or raise the table with the GH on. I broke my GH right after I put it on. Chuck was very nice to replace the damaged parts at no cost since I just received it and hadn't even used it yet. Thanks Chuck!!


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                Hi I do as the other posters do I attach my grooming arms to my table at the sides of my tables and can use my groomers helper with no problem either.I know on the shortest with of the table that it is thicker underneith.I connect it lenght wise.I don't know if I make sense but it works.I have very few dogs that I need it for but it comes in handy when I do dogs that hate thier nails being done.


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                  I use it on the edge/frame of my exiting table in my Wag'n Tails trailer.