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    Before I ever got on this groomers forum, I heard than many of you had remarked how tired you were when your vehicle had a generator. then how your energy picked up dramatically when you switched to another electic sourse..such as batteries. Well, aI was exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning for 9 mos. Last Dec 06 to Oct 06. It could have klled me. Slow, low doses into groomo9ngarea from vent near exhaust. That is when My business dropped off, close to July-Aug,very bad Sept. Oct. Meanwhile I was dragging my feet...could brely groom and go to grocery store in the same day. Apparently out of it according to a groomer witness who discoverwd it. Once fixed, I began to bounce back. A few weeks back felt energized and no longer depressed. I now believe my drop in business was due to this issue. I am up on current grooms. I am detailed and edge Schnauzer ears etc. I try to grrom each dog with the best of my ability. I do not overwork myseldf, I know my limitations. People compliment my work and love me. My most faithful clients (Lisa ,2 Poms & Chiuawhawha) gave me 150 in X Mas gifts cards and cash. I think I gave you guys the wrong impression of how I relate to clients. Some I barely talk to, some invite me to home for Hoildays. I let them take the iniative,and the lead. Client I need to go see now..had me for Christmas 2005.I am doing fine...just thinking about grooming less....I hate long drives 17miles out and 17 back. Lots of detours and construction everywhere. Gilbert is fastest growing city in USA! Lots ofdoggies for evwryone.So guys...Any similar generator expewriences? Exhaust puipe changed by mechanic...fine where Odyssey had it originally.

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    I'm not mobile, but I've heard some say things about generator..carbon sounds like it was caught early for you,,luckily... I personally wouldn't want the generator problems. I think when I go mobile I will either do the battery thing or shore line... glad you are feeling better


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      Yes Hairdevil

      Gals, If i could do the conversion over, I would not have a generator. My first conversion was shoreline, with a company out of Ga. since moved to Fla. Had to rip out conversion and start over, it was so bad. But Gary in san Jose, Ca. did an Odyssey-like van for less money and with deep cell batteries and inverter. I thought the big O, odyssey was better, and yet Gary could have done a less expensive Ford 350 with batteries again. Dumb me. Anytime I needed any lil thing fixed, Gary would fix it early AM before his regular work. So convenient. I still talk to Gary for advice; he is a genius with van conversions. He could have had a big mobile-making business by now,but prefers to work alone and small.I was his first mobile grooming van. I am in his display book.So if anyone lives anywhere near San Jose, ca., I can give you info. I know he isn't a sponsor here, so I don't know if I am allowed to refer people to him. He is a small business and no threat to the big guys.So, I recommend NOT using a generator. Batteries are totally quiet.; They need to stay charged, and after 4 one half yrs I didn't have the full power for electricity as in the beginning. They needed to be replaced. Very heavy in a fort Knox type compartment under drivers' side of van.


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        I'm going thru the carbon monoxide thing right now. I was feeling pretty yucky around Christmas time, and had some blood work done for a life insurance policy that came back with some high readings. I was immediately suspicious of my trailer, and the frequent headaches I was getting. Sure enough we had it tested and the air was reading over 100 on the meter. Somehow my exhaust extension that directs the exhaust out and off to the side of my trailer had been knocked off, and it was seeping directly up from under me. I had that fixed a few weeks ago, but again yesterday was hit with a terrible headache after having groomed at a woman's house for four hours. I'm thinking I'm maybe just coming down with something now. I spent over $300 adding a new exhaust, so hopefully I'm safe now.


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          I Hope you will be safe

          I don't know where your generator is but it needs to be enclosed yet with a vent for air intake. To really know about yiur blood, you need a Blood Gas test from an artery, usually on fat fart of wrist aresa. Hurts like heck! I opted not toi do test as they claim the poison leaves the body in 5-6 hrs. So a. test must be timely.I actually never got haedaches....except 3AM II think more related to hi sodium foods. I just got more and more lethargic. I also HAD to take naps from 1-2PM to alarm at 7PM like drugged. Once fixed, I bounced back pretty fast in a day or so...better in a few weeks, then normal a month or so later. Usually CM poisoing is a one time deal, not a daily small-medium dose. I thinkl if effects memory, but at my age, I honestly csn't tell. Judging from photo, you are young and should know if your memory is effected. I have a cm monitor in back, but it has never gone off. It works because it beeps when genie clicks on electricity. Be sure you have good generator specialists who really know trheir stuff. This would have killed me by now. NOt kidding! Oddly, my clients said(those I trusted to tell) my performance did not seem to suffer. I guess that means I am really good, or reeeely bad, and they don't know. hahaha.Don't mention to freaks some out.I doubt dogs are in van long enough.


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            Wow Typing really bad on that one...

            I am sorry my typos were very bad on that post. I hope you can understand it because it is a serious subject. Poison control couldn't give me answers because, again, it is usually a one time overdose rather than slow daily intake. I have not looked on internet,but someone read a little about it. I don't think steady doses is mentioned...rare. It never hurts to think Carbon Monoxide first when you don't feel right.


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              I did see my doctor and she said it would all pass naturally, and there was nothing I could do to help it along. That's funny, because I started noticing that everytime I was grooming and running the generator for any amount of time, I would have a head-ache start within hours of quitting. HEADACHES were my main symptom. I think I've got in under control now. The Wag'n Tails gens are in an inclosed area, with a door to get into it on the outside of the trailer. I think it was just the exhaust problem (hopefully).


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                C.M. indicator?

                I guess it would be smart to get a carbon monoxide alarm for a generator-based vehicle for that reason. I'll have to add that to my start-up list...


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                  I like the generator, it allows me to do grooms at places where I can't plug in (retirement home parking lots, etc.), I don't have to think about my power usage, and in more than 3,000 hours I've had very little trouble. The key is regular maintance, and since my gen is side-mounted and esily accessible, that's been easy.

                  As far as carbon monoxide, aside from regular maintenance to make sure no problems have popped up, I always have a vent fan going over the tub (blowing air out) to keep the humidity out of the van. At the same time that would take care of any nasty fumes that may be building up.

                  Definitely something to think about checking if you find yourself dragging more than usual though so thanks for the heads up!!