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    On Friday I went to groom an older Cocker that hadn't been groomed in 3 months. He was completely overgrown (his legs were huge) and it took me a long time to dry him. I had finished most of the groom but by the time I got to his legs I could see he was completely exhausted. I rounded his feet and he looked pretty good except his legs needed to be clippered and scissored. I took him in the house and told the owner it was in the best interest of the dog that I come back (in 5 days- over weekend and then that was my only opening) and finish him. I explained that if he had been in a shop they would have put him away for an hour to let him rest and then finished the groom but I couldn't do that because I am mobile. Did I do the right thing? Any advice on getting the same "groom result" as I am thinking his coat may have wilted? Should I spritz with a product and HV? Is doing this bad for my tools? Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. The owner was totally understanding and fine with it.

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    I don't make my dogs stand for the groom untill I am doing their belly and legs. That helps a lot. You did what was in the best interest of the dog. Next time if the dog is standing try to get the legs and belly done first, that way if the dog gets tired and sits it is no big deal.
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      I would also take him shorter with a clip-on--#1 or 1 1/2 whether they want it that short or not. I will do this before the bath with an old blade to minimize wash/dry/brush time. I just tell owners it's a necessity for the older guys in order for things to be more comfortable for them. My own cocker is 14 and gets anywhere from a 3 blade to a 0 comb--and he used to be full-coated when he was younger.


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        I have a shop and I have had people bring in their dogs on another day to finish a groom b/c it was too much for them to finish in one day. Maybe you could suggest a shorter cut for this guy though. IMO there is a point in life when comfort takes precedent over looks. As far as the condition of the coat in 5 days, that could be an issue. Maybe use a waterless shampoo to refresh the skirt and leggs? I would hate to use epuipment on a dog that is 5 days w/o a bath, we all know how dirty (especially old, full coated ckr's can get). Good luck and let us know how it plays out.
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          I definitely think you did the right thing, what was in the best interest of the dog. I know that I have some older dogs, or even those with week hind ends that won't sit, or even lay down even when you give them the OK, simply because they've been taught that standing is what they're suppose to do when on the table. I also, would recommend a short cut for this dog that is easier to maintain and quicker to groom.
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            Thank you everybody. I did go back and finish the dog. I gave him a spritz and fluff dried him. I was able to scissor the legs and round the feet again. He really wasn't that dirty so it worked out fine. The owner was really nice. She agreed to put the cocker is on a 4 week grooming schedule and I am taking him a bit shorter so all will be well next time.