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    Is business slow, medium, or high? For me, a bit slow. I have not been getting useful calls. Too old, too big, too far away. Yesterday as I was getting ready to leave for work, a lady called. i answered case it was client I was going to. No, she wanted to kjnow if I could go to vet ans clean dog before getting spay did as she called it. Before I could say noooo. She put me on hold. Broke a glass in dish washer w/ one hand..I hung up. How rude...put me on hold...I"m not doing anything at 8am...sure, I"ll waaaaait and waaaait. Really.I think all these new vans are charging a lot less...peoploe are shoipping. I ask if price is first priority...Noooo, they say. Oh yes it is. What do you charge, over and over. How do you advertise? Dex is big waste of money.! need website. Have not found your ads.What do you other mobiles do for adverrtising?

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    When I first started I wasn't able to get an ad in the yellow pages. I hear thats a top priority.. This year I'll get in. I haven't really needed it, the first few months were SUPER slow. I have a website. I made flyers and went to all the dog parks, beaches, the vets that didn't have a groomer, the shelters, other grooming shops and introduced myself, handed out flyers. Word of mouth is the best way, but that takes time. Park your van in places where it will be seen, do errands in the van. Get magnetic signs for your car. Contact newspapers and radio stations. Good luck!! The first year is the hard part.


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      Business is really good for me, I have not experienced a slow period since I started in 9/2005....I average 7-10 dogs per day 5 days a week....I haven't advertised in over a year, really don't need to...But when I did advertise, I put an ad in the East Valley Lifestyle and Gold Canyon Lifestyle...Got a lot of calls from it...I don't have a website and I'm not listed in the phone book, but there is never a day that goes by I don't get calls from potential new clients, either they saw me in their neighborhood, or driving around or I get a lot of referrels from happy clients....I feel very blessed to have the work, hope it picks up for you soon...


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        Hi Jane,

        I'm in the Phoenix area and purchased my own van in July of last year. I was extremely fortunate to have an established clientele when I started off since my previous employer and I have a very amicable relationship. We still refer to each other and call to chat.

        I have still gone the advertising route, however. (Just hedging my bets since I have a van payment, large insurance policy, gas and supplies to purchase)
        We spared no expense on our graphics for the van since it's a mobile billboard. I hired a commercial photographer for a photo shoot and blew up my dog's picture 4 feet tall! She's unique looking and attracts attention. Plus I used BRIGHT pink TALL lettering on my unit. Can't miss that!

        Next was free listings on the internet. Kudzu, Findagroomer, and APPGA listings. I introduced myself to the local pet professionals such as upscale veterinarians and boarding facilities. Gave them a tour of the van, and provided them with extremely professional looking double-sided cards and magnets all with the same logo (which is the same memorable picture of my dog on the van)

        Lastly, I DID place a large ad in the Scottsdale YellowBook. They offered me a Phoenix ad as well, for free, so I took it. I am regretting the money I spent for the YellowBook ad, as I don't think I'm going to need it at all with the other resources. I am nearly to capacity already and almost TOO busy!

        The internet and professional referrals, thus far has been the source of the majority of my new clients. Pray that things pick up for you soon. If you were in my area, I'd refer a few your way.