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  • Getting Started Mobile?

    Mobile sounds so expensive. How much does it run to get started? Van, gas, insurance, etc. When you park in front of the home, where do you get your water from and where does it drain? Do you have a restroom in the van?

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    cost all depends on what you buy. I park in my driveway because you need to be able to plug in a heater in the winter. I get water from the hose outside.
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      It really depends on the type of vehicle you buy and what bells and whistles you want. I really don't think its any more expensive than a shop. The start up costs include your supplies and the downpayment on your van/trailer/etc., and then you have the monthly payments and the things you've mentioned. Most have fresh water tanks that you fill yourself and then have throughout the day, with the dirty water going into a waste water tank that you have to empty at night. Only the top vans, ie. WagnTails or RVs have bathrooms in them.
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        less than 5000.00

        i start my mobile with 4000 and that includes the truck, and i have a bathroom too, and i love every minute of it