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Keeping the Trailer Dry

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  • Keeping the Trailer Dry

    Hey from Houston! Sorry to hear about you all in the snow/cold country, even down here for us it's been pretty funky weather all winter.

    I'm getting my new trailer on the road pretty soon and have about 2 1/2 million questions, but the question for today is: How do I minimize the amount of water/overspray/wet dogs shaking out, from getting everything in my trailer soaking wet and damp? I've got a re-circulator I'm going to use as well, and it does seem to spray a good bit of water around as it has a lot of pressure. I even thought about running some shower curtain rails over the tub area to use while bathing? Thanks for any help! Bye for now


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    i was worried about that when I was building my trailer...but actually after about 5 months it's going ok.....I have a 4 ft edemco tub..and it has a really tall back and pretty tall sides....once i bathe the dog i will usually towel dry in tub and let him shake off excess water...doesnt seem to get much water on anything.....For the thicker coated dogs i will use my hv dryer as they are in the tub as to not blow the water anywhere but tub area........seems to work ok...
    Good luck ...Kevin


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      I've heard of (and will probably install) a shower curtain. It doesn't have to be a permanent pole. I'm sure there are extendable ones you can get.


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        I always have a window open just a crack to let the moisture escape. I do most of my drying in the tub. I also wipe down condensation on the windows with a towel. My trailer stays nice and dry.
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