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    Do any of you have this happen? Now and then I get a message or I answer the phone and the young daughter is calling for mother. I don't always ask age, but they don't sound of age. I once refused to make an appointment with a they are NOT the ones who pay me. Mom called back and gave me He--. I tried to explain...hung up on me. As a mobile, I can't drive miles to a home where I am stood up or, dog gets groomed and parent didn't leave money or claims never knew or approved of arrangement :can't sue a minor...they have me! With one or two regulars I would probably go..or call just before to be sure she told mom. Most teens never tell parents I called. What do you do ?

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      Usually the appoinments are booked out several days if not into a new week or two. In that case I would book the appointment and then hope to reach someone to confirm the appointment. I think it would depend on the age of the child as well.

      I don't think its very thoughtful of a parent to have a young child call, since there are usually many questions, or comments, especially when booking an appointment for a new dog.
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        i don't book app'ts with kids or hubby's. learned my lesson after on more than one occassion getting to a house, to have mom look blankly at me and dad in the background saying " oh yea, mary's coming today.
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          A problem I get periodically in my area is a child calling as an interpreter for the adult who does not speak English. I dread these calls as you don't want to turn down the business and/or do anything that can be taken as discrminatory, but there's so much information to convey from both sides - stuff I need to know about the dog, stuff they need to know about my policies, etc. Bottom line, I've NEVER had these kind of calls turn out okay so now I tend to "drop the ball" regarding calling back, actually booking the appointment, etc. None have ever been persistent enough to keep trying, so it's been working out I guess.

          I have also stopped leaving reminder messages with kids and teens because they never seem to pass along the message. I collect work and mobile numbers from my clients so if I can't reach a person or a machine at home I have other ways to reach the member of the family who is responsible for paying me and making sure I can access the dog at groom time.