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Longevity of the mobile groomer.

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  • Longevity of the mobile groomer.

    I was curious as to how old the oldest mobile groomer that anyone knows of is. I just turned 41 and I plan on being a groomer until I retire (unless I don't live that long I'm concerned, however, about how long I will be able to be a mobile groomer, and what I will do afterwards. Of course I know there are all kinds of variables involved, but realistically, what does everyone think?
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    mobile for 6 years and i'm 45 and still doing the big boys.
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      variables, variables....

      Well, I'll be 41 this summer, and I'm just switching from shop to mobile. I can definitely say that working in a mobile instead of a shop is going to save alot of wear and tear on my body, since I'll be able to groom less dogs for the same money. I think there are really too many variables to know but if you're reasonably healthy, you should have another 20 years, anyhow. Does that depress or excite you?lol


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        Originally posted by furrybestjob View Post
        I was curious as to how old the oldest mobile groomer that anyone knows of is. I just turned 41 and I plan on being a groomer until I retire (unless I don't live that long I'm concerned, however, about how long I will be able to be a mobile groomer, and what I will do afterwards. Of course I know there are all kinds of variables involved, but realistically, what does everyone think?
        Jane may be another of the oldest mobiles here, I think, but she hasn't said how long she's been mobile. I was an inch from your age when I went mobile 22 yrs ago. It'll be interesting reading everyone else's answers-I'm curious now.

        What I'll tell you is take it easy now or you'll be a hurting puppy at our age. If you're grooming 7 or more dogs a day, big or unruly dogs, cut down and pace yourself. Always take your dayS off, turn off the phone and play....lessen stressors and avoid damaging your body. Use every labor saving tool available and, dang gone it, SIT while grooming.

        My husband is also older than dirt and still mobile grooms full days even after open heart surgery. Neither of us plans on ever fully retiring..we both enjoy it too much.


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          Well I am 52 and a preschool director for many years. I am ready to make a change in careers and I am looking for a grooming school. I plan to get into mobile grooming after I get experience and confidence. I may be much older when I get going. Working with children takes a lot out of you so I guess working with dogs and cats will be similar in a lot of ways. I love this website/groomer talk. I am learning quite a bit.


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            I am an OLD mobileI am 61 this past Dec.

            I am mobile and have been in Az seven years. Van from N. Calif my second. Van 1991. Odyssey 1998. Before that for several years i did in homes w/ equipment from car. I started grooming at age 18 and ten mos. worked free for fun w/ AKC Mini Schnauzer shoer/Breeder. Then a shop as comber/bather for a Standard Schn. Breeder AKc sometimes groomer. Between two...learned a lot as Miniature Schnauzer owner/lover myself. Tried telephone sales and retail perfume/cosmetics. Started on own...found my niche. Sometimes have knee problems...don't take Glucosomines Condroit reg...not good at vitamins. If I lost 40lbs I would feel much better. Weigh more now than ever in my life. Trying. I must be burning finger calories...One mYa win some ya loose some (Calories that is )month here..lost 10 lbs. Gonna cheat right now w/ chocolate dessert.hahaha.I may be oldest member on this board...took poll a few weeks back...I was for those who responded. You have lots of yrs. to go.You may bow to the ol gal.


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              First mobile in car at homes

              First I went to hoimes and did wash tubs, bath tubs kitchen sinks. Grooms kitchen livingroom, patios garages, whatever. 1986. First Van conversion Pro mobile April 1991.Started grooming 1965. 1967 mARRIED..he Army. together 7mos. happy 2yrs. Married 2 more separated due to Army. Groomed in a shop. Me comber/bather some training, me and owner only. Went to many dogs shows grooming and helping AKC show/Breeder. Compliments on my Schnauzers at artr and wine Festivals..startd pet sitting/Grooming bus wtih car and grooming equip. !991 first van...then on Mobile Groomer full time now PT my hours my days. vary. Tues-Sat usually .3-5 a day.Kinda worn out. anything new helps. New scissors Ivac BIG help etc. gets me motivated again.Barely a year from 18 to now without clippers in my hands. (61) Always groomed own Mini Schn except when in Mass 7mos married.1967 Cal was $ (EDITED).00. People still want it for 18 now. Bow to the ol gal.Teeeheee


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                Well folks,
                I am going to be 50 this March, I look late 30's but my body sometimes feels like 70! That's because I worked in a shop for close to 15 years doing anything and everything 10-12 dogs a day a lot of the times! So one of the reasons I started my mobile business out where I live is so that I don't have to work so hard and maybe I can go til I retire. Let's hope so because my husband doensn't make enough to support us. I think the groomer that said pace yourself and take your days off is so right! You have to, our you will burn out.


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                  I figured it out

                  First rtime I professionally trimmed nails, bushed out matted fur and fluf dried a dog was 31 yrs ago. Mobile was 20 yrs ago. car, then custom have had so much equipment...I could have a small pet shop. Sold many dryers foe bigger, fster, quieter,now smaller but forceful w/ variable speed, a must for the nervous poopers. Before i even put susie on the table, she goes. She thinks my van is a bathroom. Welll she is right in that it has the bathtub...hahaha. i like the extra $ I get for Susies' lil accidents.I always bring Susie back w/ a plastic bag they throw away. Vwery Nice people. Big Susie Christmas bonus..You Go susie.....Itr's okaaaay. Dogs' real name. Cockapoo-p.


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                    I started grooming school shortly after my 42 birthday, will be 45 in a couple of months. I was a little hesitant to start a new career at such an advanced age ;-) but I figured I was only going to get to older, so may as well take the plunge. I am loving it, best move I ever did. I like that I am in total control of my days and the amount of grooms I do. Working just a little harder than I want to right now due to some unexpected expenses, but it's so cool that I can just take on a few more dogs for a few weeks or months and be done with that. In my other life not a lot I could do to make extra money quickly.

                    I like being able to take vacation time when I want, just scheduling around days I want off.

                    I don't plan on retiring because when I am not working I basically just sit on my butt and watch TV or surf the net. I need to keep busy and I really like grooming, love the dogs (I am fully booked a few months out now so I was able to drop the dogs that were nuts, the clients that were nuts -- or both-- and I am pretty picky about accepting new clients now). We're less than two years from the kiddo being in college, but once she is out and I feel comfortable with what we have socked away for semi-retirement I will likely cut back to a four-day week, then when I hit my mid-sixties possibly a three day week ... I'll never fully retire as long as I am physically able to work.

                    It may mean accepting only smaller dogs at that point, but that means less clean up!!



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                      Yikes! I really must be nuts (63 years old) starting grooming school in the spring and looking at mobile.

                      But I am strong thanks to weight lifting and good genes.



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                        I'm 47 and have LOTS of chronic health issues and I'm still grooming. One of my customers asked me "why I am still doing this?" and I honestly think it keeps me young and flexible and the pets give me GREAT KARMA.

                        They are going to have to pry the scissors out of my cold, dead, arthritic hands!!!


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                          Hey, you beat me! Wow, If you can do it...go for it. My sister is 66...67 mar 26. She klooks like 50s. Was going to get a mini face If so, she must really look yo unger.If you are normal weight...that helps. I could loose a few.I bet you will be great. A brteeder I bought Jax from was 80-81. met her at dog show. still stripped Schn. show are hand stripped you know. conditioned cropped ears, groomed and...baths for all Sat nights each week! She had at least four perm dogs and various size pups to show or sell. She went down hill and was devestated when hubby died..could not accept. Have not talked to her.Do not know if she joined her husband. That was a great line of Black and Silver mini Schnauzers. Angels camp, Ca. But Jax is oftn a lil devil.Wacko Jacko I call him.Tenatious and bossy.Jax does not agree w/ cesar Milan, dog whisperer. Phooey, says Jax.Pirate was best ever...just looking at old photos.


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                            Ok, then at 44 we've got a good,,,what 30 yrs left!! (claps)


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                              I feel relieved!!!

                              Hi guys....when i saw this thread i was like oh i have got to read this. I have been having my hands go numb and all that kinda stuff and i've been worried that i wouldn't be able to groom threw my 30's!!!! lol i just turned 32 and i was like what the heck. anyway i'm going to start doing stretches and exercises cuz i commend you girls that are 20 years my senior still doing what i do. You girls rock!!!! Love you all and have learned so much just from reading your posts.