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Customer has 2 dogs, and I only groom one.

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  • Customer has 2 dogs, and I only groom one.

    Do any of you have customers who have more than one dog and you only groom one of them? Does this annoy you? I have 2 customers that do this. One is a cust with a lab and shi, and the other is a westie and a lab. I groom the lab of the first customer, and I groom the westie of the second. Both of them can afford me 5 times over.

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    I have a customer who has a cairn and a yorkie, and she only brings the cairn to me (I own a shop, I'm not mobile). I have no idea what she does with the yorkie, she's never said. But I think it's weird.

    Do the dogs you groom have health or anxiety problems which require the mobile grooming, but they bring the other dogs to a shop?


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      Originally posted by puppyluv View Post
      Do any of you have customers who have more than one dog and you only groom one of them? Does this annoy you? I have 2 customers that do this. One is a cust with a lab and shi, and the other is a westie and a lab. I groom the lab of the first customer, and I groom the westie of the second. Both of them can afford me 5 times over.
      Here are my thoughts:

      The first customer who wants you to groom their lab because (I'm guessing) the dog is hard to haul around in the car and take to the less expensive shops. The dog is hyper, or a handful in the car, sheds in the car, pees in the car, barfs in the car...who knows. But the other dog gets a "fine" hair cut from Dollar Dog Cuts down the road so "why pay more?"

      The second customer makes me think they don't want to pay "the big bucks" to have what they think is a quick/easy bath done on their lab. They either do it themselves, or take it to Dollar Dog Cuts to save a buck or two, because after all, "it's just a lab." (Meaning, short coat, no haircut, simple). But the other dog gets the works.

      Just a guess, but I can't imagine why else they wouldn't have you groom both.

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        Oh, yes, indeedie. I have one customer who has a very elderly lab and a yorkie. I groom the lab because he's difficult to get into a car to bring for grooming, but she brings the yorkie down the street because the woman charges about $22 less than I would. (I'd like to get my hands on that dog though. I think I could make him much!). It doesn't bother's not for everyone, but some need us.
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          Your lucky that you get the lab. I have a few customers that have the hairy dogs and they have to be groomed but they also have what we call the oay back yard dogs that they think are no maitanence
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            I had this woman call me with this huge lab (over my weight limit) explaining she can't handle the lab in the car when her little terrier goes in for grooming and she wanted to continue with the little terrier where he goes still because he's "really cheap" there. BUT the kicker was that she wanted the little terrier to go in my van with me because he has separation anxiety from the lab.

            Yeah, NO! don't think so, but thanks for the inquiry!
            What nerve!
            My husband and I cracked up for an hour after that call.

            I also wondered what the heck the little terrier did without the lab when he went to the grooming shop? probably cry the whole time. So I felt sorry for that groomer too!


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              I have a shih tzu that I do a full groom on. I just do the nails on their Lab, though-they take him home and bathe him themselves. I'd probably wonder if somebody had 2 dogs that went for full grooms at different places; I'd probably feel weird about it too, but oh well.


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                I have a house like that with a bichon that I do and a lab. She asked me to do the labs nails right before xmas and I did. She asked how much for both I said nothing for the nails being nice cauz it was xmas. She wrote out the check for the exact amount. Geee. I though maybe I would get a tip but no. So, next time I charge.
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                  I have a couple. One is a Schnauzer and Lab. They do the lab in the backyard with the hose or take it to a self serve dog wash.
                  The other has 3 yorkies, I do 2 yorkies and she has the breeder of the other yorkie do him. She says it's because he has been done there since he was a pup and she didn't want to change the routine. Totally understandable to me. She prefers the convienence of mobile grooming for the other 2.


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                    I have a few customers with, say, a Poodle and a Boxer, or a Schnauzer and a Beagle, etc. In cases like that only I'll offer to the 2nd dog for much cheaper than my usual minimum since I am there anyway and a Boxer takes me less than 20 min. I do let them know it's A LOT cheaper though. Like, in the case of the Poodle/Boxer combo the Poodle is old and has a terminal liver disease and the Boxer is a pup. The owner knows the Boxer's price will go up at least $15-$20 if I go out there just for her. I'll probably lose both when the Poodle passes.

                    But anyway, if you're willing to steeply discount the 2nd dog -- if it's a quick easy groom -- you can get the other dog. This is the ONLY discounting I do.



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                        We need to remember, just because people appear to have plenty of money does not mean they necessarily want to spend it on our grooming when they are happy enough with a cheaper groomer. Let's face it, we don't all groom perfectly on every breed and mobile services aren't for everyone or every circumstance. The pet they are willing to pay mobile pricing for may have needs that prevent it from being safely groomed elsewhere or they just may feel unhappy with how their other groomer does a particular breed so are willing to try someone else for that dog.
                        Personally, it doesn't bother me a bit if they want to use me for 1 pet and someone else for another. I feel I am offering a specialized service and it is ultimately up to the client whether or not they wish for me to provide my services to them and for which pet/s. I have a client that originally called me. She has a samoyed, peke and maltese. I no longer took the large dogs so I referred her to a friend. She called my friend and used her for all 3 several times then called me to ask if I would do the 2 little ones. My friend told her after several grooms that she really wasnt comfortable doing the tiny maltese with major health problems and recommended her call me since I am really good with the tiny dogs. (My friend specializes in the big hairies). There are often times when she will schedule us both to come at the same time, my friend does the samoyed, and I do the 2 little ones. I am still usually gone before my friend is done with that hairy monster. LOL

                        We all have our own reasons for things we do, it may not always make sense to everyone else, but it does to us and our clients are no different.

                        If you feel you can groom the other pet nicer enough to convince the person it is worth paying the extra for mobile over where they are already taking the pet, you might slip a "free groom on a new pet" coupon in their Christmas card. It might take seeing for themselves the difference for them to realize why the difference in price. That one free groom might just bring you a long time regular groom, if not, at least you let the client see the difference. I have done this in the past and it has always resulted in my gaining a regular groom but most of all gaining a VERY loyal and appreciative client.



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                          It does seem odd

                          I did two yorkies, one having special needs due to old age. When the little old one died, well, you bet they took the younger one to the lower priced groomer. Then I have a Lhasa mix I groom, the owner can't get to behave (good dog for me) but groom their own Yorkie. I did as just suggested, offered a free bath and tidy up for the Yorkie for Christmas. They now have me groom both dogs, they loved how the Yorkie looked. I do a little beloved pug, but the owners lively two Labs go to Doggie Day care all day. They get them bathed over there at the day care. I do feel a wish to convince the owner I can do the other dog, but as said, you never know the reasons. I think my curiousity would at least have me inquire in a kind way.
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                            i take no offense

                            i have a couple clients like that, i do a shepher( big and hyper) and she takes the older shih tzu to it's orig. groomer. they may not want to change groomers for the dogs sake, esp. if they are happy with the work of the other groomer and it is CHEAPER, can you blame them? i had another who's shihs tzu mix would have seizures in the car and she took the other one to a shop. then the 2nd dog got diabetes and went blind and then i did both. as long as they are nice and both of mine tipped, who cares. you can always offer a discount for the 2nd dog, i think multiple pets are easy money, even if you do it at a discount. but the owners may have their reasons, and you should respect them.


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                              I have a couple of clients who do that and boy, am I glad because the second dog is always an overweight lab. One of them asked me about doing the second dog once and I quoted a high price because I did not want to get into doing that big dog. She got all white faced and said she'd continue taking him somewhere else, but she loves what I do with her poodle so that is what i do.

                              i have back issues, I do not want these second dogs anyway.

                              You know what really bugs me? it is these chincy people who only get fluffy groomed when he is matted and way overdue because they claim they can hardly afford the cost of mobile grooming and gripe about the costs of grooming over all, and then they go get a second dog that requires grooming as well. Luckily, when this happens they usually stop using me altogether because they don't want to spend the mobile grooming fees over double now. I just wonder what people are thinking. I feel sorry for whatever shop is now getting these two dogs...they are sure to be matted every time.