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After many months before Tg holidays I got

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  • After many months before Tg holidays I got

    I got stood up two days in a row. I am only groomer Bichon pup-now young adult has ever had. I always had to call to get appt or dog would go forever,like now theycalled me! I mentioned being stood up and didn't want that again. need to call and see if he really is home. Cahrging 10 exztra but just told new reason... Gotta go...stood up by bath only...said hubbydoing cuz fur short next month. Hate this! I am trying to make a living Hello?Poor matted thing must look like cotton wrapped tight around her by now...dulls blades as we know..dangerous to shave that stuff down.Child soon got bored with new puppy.

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    Some Humans should be tested before becoming a pet parent.
    I hate to hear about the poor pup and you,.... how frustrating, madding and disappointing. I'm sorry for you. Hang in there.


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      Do you have a dematting policy where by you have an additional fee for the extra amount of work? Some people do not dematt above and beyond what would be expected in the normal intervals of time for the breed to be groomed.Keeping in mind there is a slideing scale based on the length of hair cut. It is never easy to turn away business but sometimes a customer can become more of problem they are worth both for you and the dog.
      By charging for the extra work based on the condition your sending the customer a message that your time and physical labor are not free.
      This makes it a lot easier to explain why it is better for you to groom the dog on a timely schedual.Even more so when the owners hubby is gong to wash the dog inbetween. If you show up and it is matted just charge for the additional work that the hubby caused. If they do not think you should be compinsated for the extra work then that should tell you what they think of you and your time.
      People don't come out of the box being that way,they are enabled.


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        G=Shaved Roxy

        First thing the guy says is do I want to keep her? Kid doesn't take care of her...pees everywhere...Chihuahua too. I could Not cut w/ new Laube oiled #10 Ivac clipper vac..had to use #30 and that hardly worked! I think I have a nice older h. and wife with Tula who is a couch tater old shih Tzu...she asked me to let her know if a cocka poo comes along. Bichon little. So family is telling girl dog has to go..Sunday if they let go...I know Joyce will make a loving owner...and change name to something cuter. Hope it works out.Funny thing...uses two names..if I had not answered phone and got a message..I would not have called\\\him back!Keep paws crossed...this dog needs new home.


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          It is so darn frustrating, isn't it? I just did a bichon that the woman said hadn't been done in 3 months. When she called she told me it was a 40 lb bichon, who couldn't have a loop around its neck and didn't like being groomed. I was her "last hope" because she used to do it herself but now has arthritis and can't do it and won't take it anywhere, and will have to get rid of it, etc. etc. Well, she was part weighed 40 lbs alright, but definitely was not a bichon, and the dog looked like it hadn't been done in more like 6 months...1 complete rug. When I brought the dog back in along with my book to make an appointment she said that she would call me, but it would be about 4 months, and then she proceeded to tell me that she want to have him hand scissored to really look like a bichon (rolling my eyes here). I did tell her that I would not groom the dog if he was in the same condition again. I told her to give me a call at the first sign of any matting. Somehow I don't think I'll be hearing from her. Too bad, the dog was a sweetheart aside from the grooming
          don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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            I went to a lovely house last week, gorgeous Southern Mansion with huge wrap around porch, acreage on a lake, they had the most immacualte horse stables. Anyway, they have three dogs 2 border collies and a JR. Long story short, the had to be sheep sheared with a 30 blade, found a bowl FULL of ticks (lost count at about 50). I charge him over $300 and informed him I would not do his dogs again unless we got on a once a month routine where I could bathe and brush them. He agreed, admitted he takes better care of his horses, I told him that is why he pays me:-) He now is on an every month route, let's hope he doesn't cancel.