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  • I eel stupid

    Hi Everyone,

    Well yesterday was the day from hell. Jan/Feb would probably qualify as the months from hell. Death of a parent, extended illness in family, lost our two pets within 2 months time.

    Yesterday afternoon I drove my rig about 50 miles to a specialy vet hospital to be with my dog when he was put to sleep. I get in my truck to leave and no transmission. Gone. So I call for a tow (truck AND trailer) and while I'm waiting I am staring at two weeks worth of appts that will have to be rearranged and rescheduled for the third time. I start calling clients to explain that I'm out of commission for a short time, ended up just weeping as I spoke with two of them. I am so embarassed, I know its only human and all but I know now I probably should have waited until I was more composed.

    And now I feel really stupid for accidentally sending before I completed my post. I can't figure out how to edit the subject line. Bottom line maybe my truck is broke down because I needed to take some time to rest both physically and emotionally. Things happen for a reason even when we can't fathom what that might be.

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    I'm really sorry things have been so difficult. Sometimes I also believe that things happen the way they do for a reason. Maybe it was time for you to chill for a bit. I hope things get better for you soon.


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      Wishing you well...

      Things always seem to happen at once. When it rains it pours. I can definately relate to having grooming van problems and all the hassle it can cause an already tight schedule with some demanding customers. I'm tired of the cold weather already, but I'm afraid its only just begun.


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        Don't give up

        You can rent a truck to tow your trailer with so you are not down. Sorry for all of your losses.
        If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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          I too believe things happen for a reason, and also that luck is cyclical. I've had some bad months( and years) and some very good ones. When times are bad, it's always one thing after another, and little or no time to regroup. Years ago in one week my dad died, then my car died, I lost my job,then my daughter ended up in the hospital on bedrest from a virus gone wild. I remember thinking how much more is one person supposed to deal with at one time?! Things will get better; they always seem to, just hang in there and try and use this time to regroup and be good to yourself. Hope your van gets fixed soon too. Hoping next month is better for you.


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            Sorry to hear about your dog, that has to be hard on top of everything else. Things do happen for a reason, good things come from every situation, you just have to find them in the mess. You'll get thru it, keep your head up and don't forget to give yourself a break!


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                I agree with everyone else. Take some time off and try and relax things will get better.


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                  Hi I'm sorry for your losses.I hope you feel better soon.It's hard to lose loved ones.Sometimes when it rains it pours as they say.Hang in there things will get better and you will heal.Losing a parent is probably one of the hardest things to deal with.Take care.We are human some times we breakdown also.


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                    My thoughts are with you. You have really suffered a lot of losses all at once. I hope that you take extra good care of yourself right now and are able to take the time that you need to recover and heal. Please don't feel bad about how you have handled your clients. That is so natural and nothing to worry about. You are handling your situation better than most would. I would urge you to see if perhaps you can find a group where you can share your experiences with others and get the personal support and encouragement that you desreve. Heartfelt condolances for your losses and prayers that you will find the strength and hope to help you through this difficult time.


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                      Don't feel bad for crying, it sounds like a long time in coming. If you called me crying, I'd just tell you not to worry about it, you'd have all my sympathy and RESPECT too. Respect for your effort.

                      I am so sorry you're going through this. Your post is touching and heartbreaking and I feel for you. It brought tears to my eyes, because I could feel how you must have felt: "Can ANYTHING else go wrong?!!"

                      I think your vehicle being down is a hint from God, that you need to STOP and take some time OFF for yourself to regroup. This is not a time to "keep working and pretend to move on." Sometimes grief can be overwhelming and forcing ourselves to keep going isn't always the answer, though I hear it works for some.

                      Please know that it is ok. It WILL be ok. You will make it through this. YOU WILL, I promise. It wont be easy, it wont be fun, but you will get through it. God doesn't give us trials to break our backs, but to bend our knees. Rely on Him and others for strength if that is what you believe in.

                      I hope that you will be back on your feet soon, and that you'll soon find a smile back on your face. Though life is hard, there is much good in it too.

                      You are loved.

                      Tammy in Utah
                      Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                        Oh My!

                        I am so so sorry for your losses and pain.I can tell you that i thought I was the one human in the universe that woukld hurt the most from death of my mom. Not true, but it still hurts. Time does make it easier...your life will be diffeerent but I am with her in drewams and memories. Dog loss is also very hard...never gets. easier.I would have totally lost it when car broke down. Didn't you have a friend to gowith you for the sad occassion? It sounds trite tosay you will grow from these...People say stupid things and don't realize it. Like ,welll she had a looong life. (Yes, but not long enough for me.)I can only say I will be thinking about you...not allowed to say know what I mean...more than thinking. Caring about your situation. Just leave a message telling everyone you had death of family member as well as dog family member and you will get back to them when you are able...thanks foer understanding. Get a friend to reschedule if neessary.. The good ones will still be there when you are ready. Crisis weeds out the bad clients.I don't wantto I can't say what I wish i could.


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                          I also am so sorry for your trials!! Don'`t worry about crying, even though we are dog groomers, we are human~ I will say a prayer for you tonight and I hope things start to look up~ I also believe that this is a sign from God to slow down and just breathe!
                          SheilaB from SC


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                            You all are so kind. Your encouragement is heartening and the world looks better today. Thank you!


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                              This, too, shall pass. And you sure do find out who your good clients are when it does, too! I lost my Mom and favorite Aunt in a little over two weeks and because of that I found out who my better clients were and the clients that I never want to see ever ever ever again. (THOSE got fired first chance!) (((HUGS))) and take care of yourself!