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  • launching business need help

    Hi everyone I just got done building my own mobile grooming van and I am getting ready to launch the business. My question for you is I am from Berwick PA and I'm not sure how to set my prices. How did you all decide? and do you change the price based on how far away they live?

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    I do a business plan before setting my prices. There are a lot of important factors to consider when setting prices. You will need to be certain that your prices cover all of the business costs involved with starting, running and maintaining your business as well as any unexpected costs that may surface. You also want to be sure that you include the interest costs for any loans, banking, accepting charge cards etc. as well into your business costs. With mobile grooming I figured out a service area that would be cost effective for me to work with and included the extra cost of travel and my travel time into my figures. Once I knew the cost of running my business I was better able to understand how much I needed to charge to cover the costs as well as make a very nice income and what my goals were as far as the amount of business that I needed to break even. I usually only look at the prices of other similar businesses to be sure that I am charging more than they do (but I make sure that my services and image are superior to match my pricing). Hope that this is helpful. Wish you much success in your new business!


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      Do some price shopping and find out what the shops around you are charging. It is generally $15-$20 over the shops average. I am in Reading, Pa
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        Try making a list of your monthly expenses as best as you can and times it x 12. Then come up with how much you want to earn as a wage (gross) yearly. Add the two together and that's what you need to bring in each year. Divide by 52 to find out how much a week you need to bring in, and then how many dogs you want to do and that will give you an average price.

        This is overly simplified, but its a way to start.

        i.e Monthly expenses $2000 x 12 =24,000
        Wages desired $50,000

        Total $74,000 divided by 52 = $1423 per week

        I want to do 30 dogs a week 1423 divided by 30 = $47 average per dog

        That's the minimum I would charge under this scenario

        These numbers are all made up, not actual ones, just to give you an idea.
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          I took a look at local shop prices and figured about $10 to $15 over for mobile. Also, I looked AMGA ( and found price lists for shops all over the US on specific breeds and looked to make sure the local shops weren't too cheap. Remember you are providing a wonderful service that is costly to run, with your gas, equipment and most important your time. Also, they pay for the convience of you coming to them! When I first I first started out I didn't realize it, but I was too cheap! I was cutting my own throat. So I did more investigation on prices and I have revamped my price list and upping the current customers prices. I just simply tell them expenses are higher so I need to up prices. Good luck with your business!


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            Look around

            Call local shops and get their prices and add on to it. Keep your totals above shops. Remember, you are not a convenience (7-11 is a convenience) you are a Luxury service.


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              setting prices

              You shouldn't care what other places are charging. (though it is nice to know within what range your prices are as compared to others) You need to know what your total expenses are and break that down to know what it COSTS YOU for each available appointment. KNowing this information is a HIGE help in setting your prices. You then need to remember that you need to make something on each appointment and that not every appointment will be filled every month so you need to adjust for that too. My overhead alone breaks down to $40/appointment, my pricing starts at $60. Once my van is paid off, my overhead will go down, but I plan to put that money in the bank to save for a new van as it won't be many years after paying it off that it will need to be either replaced or at least a new engine due to the miles I put on the van.



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                You can "google" mobile grooming and many of the groomers have websites with price menus. Good Luck