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Kool dry website?

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  • Kool dry website?

    Does Kool dry have a website? I have the phone number but it's so much easier to order online! It looks like there is a filter that is supposed to slide into a slot on front of the dryer and mine doesn't have one. So I am on a mission to find a Kool Dry filter!

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    dryer filter

    They are cut from white vent filter meterial .Hardwear item it comes in sheets.They normally go over the outside of ducted vents to trap dust.
    I forget what the web site name was but Ron has told many people where to get the meterial so they could cut new ones themselves.


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      Just go to Home Dept or Lowes. They have suitable material and you can cut it to fit. Buy enough to have extras then we won't be reading about your dryer burning up from all the hair in it.