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It may be time to sell soon..advice pls

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  • It may be time to sell soon..advice pls

    Hi all....Question for you...We may be relocating in the near future and I'm debating selling my 1999 Odyssey mobile grooming van. My question is...has anyone been through this process before? At what point do I put it up for sale and at what time do I notify existing clients and stop booking new appts????? The timing of it all seems tricky to me. Any advice? Thanks

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    Hi, well, I'm sort of in the same place as you, but I am taking my mobile with me. In fact I have groomer buddies that are helping me on this end, will just take over my appointments ,(and yes, my clients are OK with that, at least for the first groom) and groomer buddies that are helping me re-locate to my new area, my brochures and cards are already being put out, and clients waiting in the wings.

    My old established clients are going to be hard to leave, but change is a part of life. I have 3 other mobile groomers that I am splitting up my clients to, mostly based on location and skill level. I don't want my long time clients to have to search around for new groomers, so I am making the first move for them, if it doesn't work or 'click' then they have the option to hunt on their own.

    We are leaving the first week of May....Even if I take a new client, same thing, new gal in May. Probably won't take any new clients in April, but you never know.


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      Not til last week of grooms

      Odysseys should sell easily. I have 1998 w/ fairly low miles.full I would keep. Hydro etc I even lined ceiling profesionally last summer w/ boat vinyl. Helps insulate hot sun on roof. Don't tell anyone til you are nearly ready to drive away. People get it in their heads you are gone way before you are..and go elsewhere. Shhhhh. it's a secret til the end.One week before .When youy feel you have done the last dog. Say goodbye tro dogs privately in van...they won't tell. Close favs you can tell earlier.and book for last time..set em up w/ anothe you like.


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        I totally agree with mustlove.