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  • frozen pipes

    Ok guys whatever you do ALWAYS button up for the night with the antifreeze system. I forgot last week and busted luckily just my sudser pipe but took 7 hrs to fix with me and my honey and all of that but like 15 minutes was tearing in and down and putting it back. i really hope wnt plan to make an access panel to get the the plumbing. but all is good now. by the way all of you with the pet pro how often in this type weather do you have to fill your propain tank.


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    I'm in Michigan and have been filling once a month, but I have a feeling it will be sooner after the weather we've had the last two weeks. Luckily, my propane guy is just down the road.


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      how did you get into fix the sudser pipe? mine has been busted since last december and haven't gotten to fix it yet. Let me know what pipe froze and how you fixed it.



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        Hi Amy well it was quite interesting and i took pictures. you have to take the horseshow shaped paddle thing loose from front of tub, then take of metal strip under that, then take off cabinets. which sucks cuz they have glued and screwed these two wood plates to help support cab which was hard to get off. then you have to take the panel from in front of the tub off. also not easy because it's a tight fit and you have to pull the bottom out first as metal strip would be in the way. after all that you have to cut an access hole in wood behind panel and then you can reach the break. which ours broke right at the drain. so we had to take the drain out and take the broken piece off but all you need is an 1 1/2 90 degree elbow and a cap that fits the little hose and then another connector for the drain into the elbow. i know it sounds like alot. but it was doable. pm me if you need more help.



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          As far as propane goes....with the cold weather I fill ever 5 days and need to.

          I have the antifreeze system, but have only used it twice. With the furnace on and the ceramic heater in the back, I thought that it wouldn't be necessary to put the antifreeze system to work.
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            You should be fine with a ceramic in the back and one in the front, prop the laundry shute door open just in case the heaters go out due to popped fuse, GFI or black out and set the furnace to kick on if the van interior drops below 55 deg. I've been through a few winters now and no problems. I have the antifreeze system but haven't used it at all.
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              Same Here

              I also have the anti-freeze system and have not used it yet. I keep my van in an insulated garage which helps. Also space heaters in the grooming area and in the back. I am usually filling up on propane once a month. Not because it being used at night but during the days when it is so dang cold.


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                Well now that i have had the problems whether i need it or not i just use the antifreeze system it's so easy to use and the stuff is cheap so i use it. i am paranoid now. lol good luck all.



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                  Well, I froze up Sunday night cuz something happened with my extension cord. I had to thaw it out and for sure the water faucet handle broke. Don't know about anything else yet. It has been 0 degrees and less for the last 3-4 days so it really sucks. I get propane about every 5-7 days.
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