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  • Wisconsin Mobile Groomers

    I have been looking for any Mobile Groomers in the state of Wisconsin but can't seem to find any. Are there any of you out there?
    If there is any, can you tell me what the market is like for Mobile? I am thinking of relocating to be close to family again and would like to know what I am in for. My sister was just diagnosed with leukemia and I want to be close to her for anything she needs.

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    That is so nice to do that to be close to her.

    If you can't find any mobilers than maybe the market is wide open for you! That would be great. But my suggestion would be to call a few of the local vets there, they may know of them. Some mobile groomers (like myself) don't even advertise in the phone books.

    We have 3 mobile groomers in my area of Delaware that aren't even in the phone books either.


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      Thanks Crystal
      That is a great idea, I did not think of that. I have never advertised in the phone book either. That's why I was hoping to get some sort of response from this board. My brother said he looked in the phone books and found nothing listed but like you said they may not even be in there. But I will do some calling to vets in then area. Thanks.