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  • Mental Health Day

    I promised myself that I wasn't going to come crying to this board. I really did.

    Yesterday, I agreed to do my weekly bichon, despite recovering from an upper respiratory infection. On the way back, traffic stopped suddenly and I'm caught with my van 10 feet into a busy downtown intersection at lunch time after the light turns red. I slowly but surely, backed into a car. Only barely noticeably spidered the paint on their bumper, not even a dent, but they're "in insurance" so, of course, their filing a claim.

    This morning, my first dog bites me hard on the finger, draws blood, causes me to flinch and cut her inner thigh pretty good requiring a vet visit. My client was incredibly nice and understanding, but I was a WRECK! Still rattled really. Hardly ever knick a dog, let alone cut them. That feeling is just the WORST.

    I know when to call it quits for the weekend. Politely rescheduled the rest of my day for later this week. I won't jeopardize others while in that state of mind. (deep breath) God is in control. No one was hurt in the fender "tap", I'm insured, the bite is minor, the dog will recover, all clients involved are understanding. It could have been so much worse. Tomorrow will be a better day. Thank you for listening.

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    Ouch, that is a bad day. Like you said, it could have been worse. Nevertheless, very frustrating. This too shall pass. The bad days only help us appreciate our "normal" days.

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      This too shall pass!!!!!!! sometimes the universe sends us little signs, telling us to slow down and breath, when they are ignored we get punched ...(kinda like your day) then we know they mean business.... enjoy your mental health day ! Do something special for you!!!!!!


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        sorry and good for you

        You sure put a good perspective on it in the end. Not only were you not feeling well, but may have taken some medication which can change your response time. The teensy accident likely had you a bit nervous and might have been part of the problem for the Bichon. They say with the pack mentality if you are upset often they think there is something to be upset about. Take it real easy for now.
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          Sometimes you just have to take a break. Take your mental health day and focus on some r &r so you can be refreshed and refocused. Stay in pajamas and just be good to yourself!


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            You did have a really bad day tha's for sure. You were very wise to reschedule the rest of the day, for your own sanity. Hopefully after the small break you have things will return to normal.
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              It is the wise person that know when to call time out good for you, Go to bed have a great nite sleep, joy comes in the morning