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Some people are unbelievable!

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  • Some people are unbelievable!

    Yesterday a lady with two peekapoo parents had 1 day old 4 pups..2 of ea,balck and 2 white. Wanted parents done asap. Went today to find 12yr or so son only home. Good thing I stopped w/signature approvals. Cig smoke stinky. House was Squaller. Styrofoam food ciontainers lying around...mess everywhere. Boys' BED next to kitch-den. ****,junk everywher. Single bed no sheets blanket..yucko pillow. OM. Mom and pups by bed. Why not in school? Home schooled by computer. Good student? Naaaaa. I don't go on much. This kid won't get teased by schoolmates for being Fat..he doesn't go to school. Didn't seem to be embarrassed about condition of house. Guess what...Dogs just got basck from some I know do you.Not that good...front legs least tummy clean for babies. Dad dog not allowed around pups. Sooooo, I lost two dog income for that spot! NEEEED money for vet bill I paid..still have others to pay and mail tonite. Never see it coming. Talked to woman by phone..I did NOT sat Tues.Feb 6th. Would have been good 4 dog income day.Also I think the cat hoovering near thinks they are mice...look out mommy-dog.Hope cats don't attack and eat newborn puppies! These people have multiple problems..stupidy for one.I can't spell today.....

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      Sorry for that poor fat kid..eats and tv no schooil supervision.

      Thanks, Lick G mom says. He doesn't seem happy tonite. Tomorrow Prednisone...maybe he will become Arnold Schnauzenegger! He needs muscles. I should have been walking him all thses years. I will know something Monday..if no help I will try H. Hounds' vet. One min I think he isn't gonna die, next wonder why he could niot stand Tues..and fever? Prayers always help. That poor boy today..he is neglected. Not a bad townhouse neighborhood. Daytona my Yorkie dog ,client lived on same st.Prob rent..would not want them for tenants!I told him to lock door after me...he did not know I was coming and opened door to me. Lety me in to see pups.


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        I do hope your doggie gets better...Dr. Burke is not in on Mondays, but he will be there first thing on Tuesday....He does have another vet that works at his clinic, but I've never met them before....I would definitely see Dr. Burke...Good luck-


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          I hope that your dog recovers soon. What a disappointing and sad experience with your grooming client. It is so sad to see what some innocent children and pets indure. I wonder if any community intervention or assistance is available to help them?