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Changing vet >>>new dvm Monday

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  • Changing vet >>>new dvm Monday

    Vet was nearly worthless. Just talked to him. Always in a hurry. Has no clue why he could not stand on 4 legs Tues w/ anti-inflam he can...Off til tomorrow Pred. can't stay on for long. Spose to call Mid week. I called a good client who rec. vet hosp. many say good vets..awardwinning in PHX. I want a woman who listyens ans talks and explains ..tells what she is thinking.I am done w/ This guy..don't think he cares. The good sign of Gilber vet hosp. near saddle shop on Gilber, Rd for those of us in area is..I said Tyson R. they know and remember him...diabetic and Paloma&Sancha,Poms. that sound good to me w/ so many clients. Tyson is lil chubby white/tan Mex chihuahua,who wears a pink/black sleeve sweater...we ...they say he is a cross-dresser. Owner says he likes pink...I think Lisa likes pink,Tyson likes sweaters. Hope he just has degenerative Osteo-arthritis. Elevated white cPrednisone will help but not the diagnosis. hi blood c ount? temp up lil frm normal...wait and see . Still , I need a good caring vet.I know no one really cares, but need to vent. Okay, Aarooh and a few care, thanks guys.

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    Thanks Happy Hound!!!!!

    THANKS HAPPY HOUND MOBILE..can't find your profile to send PV. But sure you don't mind a public thanks. That was FAST and that is just the kind of thing we are here for! Now what? made appt for Monday 3:40 w/ Gil vet hosp. neighbor fiaxed looked already (woman) said do Prednisone til she sees him. Gonna be hard to walk by Sunday I think. On w/antibiotics. BTW Talked to Kaisers' mom yesterday..he had valleyfever & symptoms til down..dead soon after. Auuuuuugh don't want to believe HE is gone. Like a flower in the today gone tomorrow. Oh words from Florida pals!!!!


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      Good for you. It's always a good idea to get a second opinion if you don't feel you're getting any answers. Or even a third opinion. Don't give up until you find someone who takes the time to talk to you and explain things until you understand.


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        a good caring vet is sometimes hard to find. but when you do find them you hold on with all your might. We had one. Then he sold the practice and moved to Alaska to fly planes for hunters. I found out quickly that the new owners married couple both vets were not for me. So, I now drive 40 minutes to another vet that is WONDERFUL!
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          Oh of course most of us care

          A good Vet is priceless. I wish you and the baby the best. As I've said hope is best to be part of the picture.

          I'll never forget one sad day a couple of years ago I got a letter from my adored wonderful Vet stating he was retiring, went to my computer after the upset and tears and found out my beloved "walked the walk" Pastor had died. He'd had cancer and died with faith and dignity, but jeepers those two hits on the same day was almost unbearable.
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            [QUOTE=mustluvdogs1;14366]THANKS HAPPY HOUND MOBILE..can't find your profile to send PV. But sure you don't mind a public thanks. That was FAST and that is just the kind of thing we are here for!

            You're welcome...Dr. Burke is truly a wonderful vet...I travel all the way from Gold Canyon to see him....There are many vets closer, but none that I like better or trust as I do him....Keep me posted...