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    Has anyone join the Groomers Club? Is there any feedback about it?

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    IMO Barkleigh has a lot of good ideas and products but this wasn't one of the better ones. I never did see the benefit to me...JUST my opinion!!!


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      groomers club

      I did join ONCE a few years ago. They market it as a great deal for all groomers to get super discounts from suppliers. Well, that might be a good deal for a groomer getting ready to open a shop and needs a lot of large equipment. Most of the "good deals" were on cage bins and tubs. There were some "free ___ with $xxx purchace" from some suppliers, but not enough to even make the cost of the membership worth having. I had been grooming over 20 years by the time I had joined. I already have the equipment I NEED and the stuff that I WANT isn't that much to begin with and usually in the form of new shears. (I already have 12 pr of Geibs, but he is always coming out with lighter and better stuff so yes, I do tend to upgrade now and then)

      Also, a couple of the suppliers that I did contact regarding their groomer's club specials knew nothing about what I was talking about. Might have been poorly trained staff, but it sure left me disappointed that I ever joined.


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        I agree with y'all. I felt as though it was a way to be on way too many peoples mailing lists for small savings on large ticket items... saving $50 on a $2500 tub, when i already have a tub...not worth it:-)