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dryer tripping breaker?

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  • dryer tripping breaker?

    can anyone give me an idea what's going on? this morning i started up and my safety plug breaker went (sorry forgot what they're called! y know the plugs they put in bathrooms) so after fiddling around with it i found it was the dryer. everytime i plugged it into any outlet it would trip. the dryers not turned on or anything, and everything else is fine. i have no way to bypass the safety outlet.the plug was dry but it's very humid this morning and the walls had condensation on them.

    everything was fine last night when i finished up. it's a fairly new k9II. oh, and i took it in the house and it worked just fine. actually i think i'm going to go test it in my bathroom.

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    Try turning the switches on separately. This happened at two of the shops I worked at, if you turned on both switches at the same time the breaker would blow


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      It is probably those plugs, GFI is what they are called. They will trip very easily when conditions aren't exactly right. You may need some other wiring scheme for the dryer.


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        You answered your own question.The water that was on your walls was also inside them or at least inside the outlet and the resulting short caused the gfi to turn off the outlet.That is what it suposed to do so you do not get fried.
        If your van had been heated enough and the walls warm it would not condiensate on them.If you crack a vent while your working the moisture can escape out of the vent with a small amount of your heat.If you cover the dog with towels when you hv, the spray will get trapped in the towels as apossed to in the air where it will condinsate on any cold surface.In your case your walls and windows and your tools. When you see it on your windows you should dry it off with a towel. Other wise it will just evaproate back in the air looking for another place settle and collect, like your walls.It does'nt just dissapear into a time vortex, it evaporates into humidity looking for a way out through a door or vent or a cold suface to collect to.Crank up the heat get it up around 90 and open the vents with no fan on let the moisture migrate out on it's own at the end of the day.If you see droplets forming on windows and walls dry them off next time.It will take a few days to get the moisture out completely. What ever you dont get out will not go to waste,the mold and mildew gladly move in if you dont get the moisture out.If you have a propane furnace you might as well check for an exuast leak and verify that your co2 detector works if you have one.Propane exhaust has a lot of water vapor in it.Even the propane water heaters can leak exhaust back into the van if there is problem with the exhaust tube or a leak around the access door.
        You can find lots of info on the old board about drying methods.Last but not least there is no law that says you cant run the air conditioner and the heater together although it would feel very wasteful.
        For you imediate fix use a human hand held hair dryer and dry out the outlet.


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          thanks doug, i had a feeling that was a factor, can't decide why it was only the dryer though and not my radio or bathing beauty. i'm in for hard times since it's cold and rainy now guess i'll have to go crank up that ac (i only have a tiny heater here in socal) and i'll remember to dry the walls next time i have a late night.



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            wait a minute. it is a k9II do you think it was from the moisture in the outlet ON the dryer? and that's why the radio and everything else was fine?


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              The dryer pulls the biggest load the outlet it is on can not afford any extra resistance from being wet.The other items on other outlets and smaller in terms of the load size they create.The gfi for the other outlets can handle the it because the the loads and the water are not enough to make it trip.If the dryer blows the gfi too many tims it will become week and have to be replaced.It would take a lot of times.They also need time to cool off after they trip off before you reset it.A few minutes.