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  • mobile grooming van conversion

    I have owned my own grooming shops here and in England for over the last 12yrs and been a fully trained groomer for 15 years. I can not seem to find any converted vans for sale in my area Seattle or any northwest states.Or even an opportunity to look inside a mobile grooming van other than photographs on the internet and brochures.

    So I am thinking of going mobile and buying a year old cargo van and having it converted for a change of pace plus sick of landlords hiking up rents.

    Can any one recommend places to have a mobile van conversion on the west coast. Would appreciate any help you all can give me.

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    Moblile conversion

    I know that Hanvey Mobile vans gets theirs from Egolf Motors in Hendersonville, North Carolina. You could talk to a man name John Collins. He sold me mine for 36,000.00 new. Conversion was 35,000.00 with Hanvey. Great vehicle. Call John because he said they are shipped from England.
    His # 828-692-8777 or e-mail is [email protected] Good Luck with your business!


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      thanks sandra

      was that 35,000 new or plus conversion?? Are you happy with it? Was shipping difficult???


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        I flew to Georgia from Idaho to get my Van

        I just got on the internet and looked into several different vans and went and got it. I had a wonderful time and seen country I had never seen on my way home. Where in England are you from? I spent a little time over their yrs ago.


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          Northwest vans

          I was going throught the used/new for sale listings and I'm sure there were several listed located in the northwest. Washington and Oregon. Try those out.