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Inverter info, Please help!

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  • Inverter info, Please help!

    Hi everyone!
    I know this has been done to death, but please help me!

    I just bought a used grooming van that was designed really bad. I am going to gut it and redo the inside.It runs off shore power now. I can't afford to put in an inverter right now, but I want to in a few months.

    Can anyone please help me figure out how much room to leave for the batteries and inverter? I have searched these boards and read everything I can about the inverter stuff. I can't say I totally understand it all, but I am trying really hard.

    I know that I need to figure out how many batteries I will need. (don't know how to figure that out yet) and then how to distribute the weight. I am just guessing that the electrical lines I will run in the van don't have to be anything specific for the inverter conversion later.

    I read a post by Doug on the previous board that he could run both of his dryers and the water heater all at once and I was blown away! I have to have this system!!!

    I have asked five RV places and one mobile sharpener (who uses an inverter) and they all look at me like I am crazy and then say "impossible".

    I want to build it big enough so I can turn everything on and dance around in total bliss!

    Please help, any info, advice or insight would be greatly appreciated!

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    Did you rip everything out yet?


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      Hiya Doug,
      No, we haven't ripped it all out yet, it is slated for this coming weekend. It needs a new tub, and it is really filthy in there, we want all new stuff.

      Any suggestions for the wiring? I really need all the info I can get.
      I haven't gotten the response on here that I hoped for, so I have resorted to just trying to search google and do everything by trial and error.

      I know you are the inverter master, so I am open to any and all things you suggest!



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        Inverter space

        Hi, Doug was a great help when it came to our system.
        I had to have my batteries "in the same" compartment that I groom in (I don't have back doors or space like that). So my solution was to build a secure box, complete with acid-tank lining for the batteries to sit in. It's 65x12x14 inches, hold 8 deep cycle batteries (like golf cart) My Inverter and Charger sit in the old closet area. The battery cables took up more space than I thought they would, but it's do-able.

        you can see my set up at my web


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          I noticed you are in Las Vegas. I would recommend that you attend Groom Expo in Burbank in a couple of weeks (Feb. 8-12) and take a look at the inverters Curtis Hanvey is installing in the Sprinter vans. You would also be able to talk with him about the number/size of batteries to use when the time comes.

          Like said before, Doug seems to be very knowlegeable about inverters.


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            5 dogs

            I sent you a private message with a list.


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              Thanks for your suggestions, you guys are the best!

              Pam, I have looked at your pics several times, and was just planning to copy the system you have and work the bugs out from there. (Hoping it would be the right one for my situation) Thanks for posting that info and pics on your web page for all us inverter hopefuls!

              PoodlePal, thats a great idea, I have been tossing the idea of Burbank around for awhile, but it has been being weighed against the time away from working on the van. I work in a shop right now and am only off on Sun, Mon. I am just trying to keep my head above water while putting all available money into the van.

              Doug, Thank you for being kind enough to help with my project. I am going to gather all info and send you a message tonight!

              Thanks everyone for the support!!! I am inverter bound! WhooHoo!!


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                5 Dogs, I'll be at Burbank, if you do make it.

                Last year I took the plunge and went to APF during my working on the rig, best thing I did, as I did all of the mobile seminars I could get too. Viewing this board, asking '?' and getting the 'feel' for mobile.

                Unfortunatly, I understand that there are not a lot of mobile items for Burbanks this time...something about not a lot of mobile speakers avalible, or something. But there will be plenty of us there for the event, so you might glean some useful stuff.

                Glad I can help. Doug is super with is knowledge. Another tip I got from the board, was from Curtis, and sealing the floors and walls, I used Rhino-lining. Boy was that a great move. Something you might be interested in, too.


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                  You will love, love love your inverter system!! It has been all smooth sailing since Doug did mine.


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                    Re Inverters

                    I have looked into this for many years and now I really need to put inverters into action. Live in central NJ and am having a hard time with trying to find the right person to do the job. My electrician really does not want to do it. I have called an RV repair person and he told me he really doesn't do that work. Told me not to go to another RV place due to the fact they would take too long to do the job. My husband can do a lot of things but is afraid of the wiring. Is there anyone in NJ or someone that I could correspond with so that I can get started with this job. I really cannot afford to take it to Odyssy Vans . I was looking at the 3000watt inverter/charger and I would think 4 batteries would be needed. I am aware that my alternator would have to be upgraded but to what size? I also have to have my generator removed and am having trouble finding a mechanic with the drop room to get it off. Generator is under vehicle and needs to come off. I have read quite a bit and looked at the various RV sites and pictures....any other hints?
                    Thanks in advance


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                      I do believe Doug is in NJ
                      What a caterpillar considers the end of his world, we call a butterfly.


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                        Does anyone have Doug's contact info?


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                          Generator on last leg


                          Any one know the cost to convert to an inverter system. I am on my last straw with my gene....One quote i received would cost 10,000 to convert. a new gen about 6000 with instalation ..... Both are high in the economy but i have to do something..Can not keep fixing a generator that has 4000 hours on it...been opened and fixed multiple times....Any help would be great....



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                            I can recommend my inverter guys here in NJ. They are fabulous. Always a great job. Never rip me off. Solid hard working people. They've been taking care of me for four years. Send me a PM if you're interested.