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    I've been really stupid. I never thought of mobile mechanics. This has been a hell of a month. My bus broke down 3 times. Once a week, I've had to have it towed in at the cost of 150-200 a tow. Then 100 an hour at the mechanics for labor, not including parts.And a day or two down time.
    Yesterday, I go out to leave and the (&&^%&($ thing wont start. This time the ignition switch. I got in the phone book to see if I could find someone cheaper to tow it to the mechanics, and noticed an ad for mobile mechanics. I called him, he was there in 30 minutes w/ the part. Took him 10 minutes to fix and it was 65 bucks part and all. Yay for mobile mechanics!!!

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    What a great idea

    Mobile is the best, hee hee. I never thought of that either, but wow what a great concept. Thanks for the info for all.
    Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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      Mobile services

      There are even mobile tire mechaniics who will change your tires ballance them and all on site where ever that happens to be as long as it is safe and not in the middle of a freeway.


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        When I have problems I just call Doug. He is a great mobile mechanic. My %$#%%^ van wouldn't start this morning. My husband had already gone out when I tried to start it. So I called Doug. He was working nearby and said he would come between dogs. So before he came my DH came home. I told him the van wouldn't start and he said he would look at it. I went out and turned the key and of course it started right up. About that time Doug pulled in. At least the van seems to be fine now. I will have to give it a try tomorrow morning.


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          next time slam the door (not on the husband), and try it again. Sometimes moving the shift lever does the trick.


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            Sim Groomer

            You were so close! It's a 1989 ford econline 350 bus, with a tilt steering wheel, hell I didn't even know it tilted. It was tilted up so the steering wheel was almost flat, it was binding up the bar thingy in there. Jiggling worked, it started right up. I asked the mechanic what he did, he said nothing. Just tilted the steering wheels so it wasnt binding up, but I still had him put a new one in. It had stress fractures in it. Ok so next time I break down, come to the board first, then call the mobile mechanic..