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Here's a real stumper....Afghan Hound grooming

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  • Here's a real stumper....Afghan Hound grooming

    OK...some of you who know me already know this story BUT I need some input....

    I have a new client (been there twice) that has a full coated maltese and a full coated Afghan that get done every two weeks. The Afghan took me 2 hours this last time and YES I am charging enough (but will prob. do a price increase with other clients in March/April).

    My question there anyway to go FASTER (MAKE EASIER) with this process? I know how I groom but I might be missing some valuable piece of the puzzle. Yesterday to add to the misery the dog pooped on my table twice!!!! (and Afghan's are NOT small dogs!!!)

    Any pearls of wisdom would be MUCH appreciated.

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    There's really no quick fix groom for an Affie - they are coated dogs and tall dogs. Actually 2 hours isn't bad at all - so long as your charging for it. Are you brushing the dog before you put him/her into the tub? Go right to the tub because brushing a dirty coat (2 weeks on an Affie is dirty!) breaks the hair and it may cut down on time , just a bit though. Also, Eqyss White Cloud Conditioner is great for them because you can put it right over the shampoo and rinse all at once and then spray a leave-in like The Stuff or I dilute Mane & Tail for Horses with water and spray it on - it's great. The Avocado by Eqyss is good too. There's also 2 types of coat - the silky desert coat (which has minimal matting & tangles) and the big mountain coat (which mats at the drop of the hat!). Affies get stressed easily and have a low tolerance to pain - but their not dumb as rocks as many like to believe - they can be manipulative and that's probably why he/she pooped - just to let you know! Their always thinking. I've lived with them for many years and I love them just the same though. Not a dog for everybody. I'm glad to hear someone actually has their's groomed every 2 weeks and takes care of the coat. Any other questions-PM me and I'll be happy to give you any other info.


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      The one I groom every two weeks must be the silky desert type because she is always in great shape with almost no tangles (owners NEVER brushes her) This Afghan is rapidly becoming my favorite dog! She is sweet, funny, talkative (she can clearly say "go outside") and great to groom.


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        You may want to bring both of the dogs into the van at the same time. Put the Afghan in the tub first. Once she is clean, squeege her out and wrap her in some towels. Pin the towels secure. Move on to the Maltese. Just after drying the Maltese, unwrap the Afghan, and rewrap with dry towels. Finish the Maltese. At this point, the Afghan should be pretty dry - just a bit damp. Use a silicone based spray and mist the coat. Blow dry without the nozzle and it should take you a lot less time.

        You have guts to take that on every two weeks!


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          I agree with Lisa. I do this at all multi-dog houses. It really helps speed up the dry time especially with the goldens and labs. Yesterday,I did a 6 week poodle in a 2comb/rd hd and for the first time her lab/rottiex. Done(including clean up) in 1hr 45 min


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            Blocking the coat, no doubt, helps. And kudos to both you and pugnacious for taking on the challenge and the time to groom them. Most groomers don't like grooming them because of the time factor involved. When I was working in my old profession I rarely had time to groom my dogs - except for shows. In between those times I would take them to a groom shop and the groomers hated seeing me coming! Some were gracious about it and some were not. Like I said - not a dog for everyone.


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              Stop feeding!

              Ask the owner to withhold food after 8 p.m. the day before. A lot of dogs can get nervous stomach, mostly often cockers and afgans, and if it is empty, there will be less chance of a problem. Then book the appointment for early a.m. so the owner won't be tempted to feed the dog out of pity before you arrive. I also like to take large breed dogs for a short walk right before taking the dog to the van to get rid of any residue! These two tips have saved me a lot of clean up time.


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                I have aways dematted the coat after the bath while still wet. I spay "the stuff" or "glow coat" and get to combing, I learned this from a show breeder. I used to groom about 3 a week, but now only groom petite dogs. As for the pooping, they can be willfull!!!


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                  My boss groomed a fascinating mix last year. An Afghan/Shepherd mix. The coat length, hair on the ears and no hair on tail was like an Afghan, but the facial structure and coat coloring and texture was Shepherd. Cried like a banshee!


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                    Tried Eqyss and......

                    OK, so I followed Afghangypsy's advice on what to use on my hairy girl. I must say the grooming went ALOT smoother. First off, the dad had just walked her and so NO POOP in the van! YEAH!!!! Then brushing her out was SOOOOO much easier. I also tried pinning her hair when drying and that helped too. OK, my notes said last time it took 2h10min and this time was 2h flat! There is no way I think it could go any faster then that. So I actually did not mind the work this time. I guess because I let the products do most of the work. I guess we will she what she looks like in 2 weeks!

                    I was even happier when she leaned over and gave me kisses during the grooming....and man did she give me a greeting!!! I think she like me!!!

                    Anyway, thanks to all who pitched in with thoughtful encouragement. I can not say I would want to do a bunch of these but I can certainly see why people love the breed.

                    This was the best picture I could get this week. She was in the "Fluff" the face mode....or I call the SUPERMODEL POSE.
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                      She is GORGEOUS!

                      Great job!!


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                        Don't laugh bit that dog looks like Jessica Simpson!!!!!!!!!!!


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                            Wow that dog does look like a supermodel. She sure looks happy in that picture. I glad she loves you. awesome looking groom in progress.


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                              Originally posted by baddog View Post
                              Don't laugh bit that dog looks like Jessica Simpson!!!!!!!!!!!

                              LOL, She does look like Jessica Simpson!!!! That dog is GORGEOUS!!! You did a great job!

                              Yes, 2 hours sounds like a good time on an afghan, so I'd be happy with that. I do think wrapping her is a good idea, your dog will dry a LOT faster that way. I've begun doing that a lot more now, and it does help!

                              Tammy in Utah
                              Groomers Helper Affiliate