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Looking to ride with a mobile groomer

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  • Looking to ride with a mobile groomer

    First I guess I should say that I have been reading these message boards every day for about 3 years now, even though I never post, I really enjoy the information. I have been a groomer for 18 years and I am considering purchasing a mobile van and going into business for myself. I am hoping that maybe some of you that work close to me would consider allowing me to ride along with you for a day to observe what you do. I am hoping to see several different groomers with different vans in action. I am about an hour west of Philadelphia and willing to drive up to a couple of hours for this opportunity.

    Thank You,

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    I am central California, I am up for a little company, If you don't mind riding in the bathtub.


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      OOooooooo, do you have Pulik?? And since you're in PA I guess you wouldn't want to come to SC for that ride along, would you


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        I am right outside of Reading. You can ride with me if you like.
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          I'm in Central Jersey. You are welcome to ride along with me if it's not too far for you.


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            I am in Lancaster PA. You are welcome to ride along with me.


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              I know a couple in MD (one in northern MD) if you want to drive that far.