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  • Generator and Hot Water Heater

    I am having a terrible time here in the West Valley of Phoenix in Arizona. I can't find anyone who can check and or service my hot water heater and/or generator other than the Onan distributor place that is first come first wait (four hours and six soap operas in their waiting room) All the big semi trucks and large corporations seem to be first before my doggy van.

    I bought the 1998 Wagntails van from someone in Colorado and they knew very little about the equipment, they inherited the van. I just want to know if there is anyplace that will work on generators and grooming van equipment in this area. The RV places don't seem to be to eager to work on a grooming van and I have called a few. In fact when I wanted to order a piece of equipment from a local RV repair place they told me to deal with Wagntails.

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    Hi, well, I don't know of a place in the west Valley, but my guys in the east valley are super. they service my antique RV, converted to a mobile unit, French Diesel and all. They also service several other mobile rigs, WNT They are really fast to get the mobiles out and they can put them up on the hoist, too.

    A.J McKay's (ASE Certified Master tech) they do diesel, and RV's
    ph# 480-985-2435

    Pete's RV also does generators, RV, and such, a friend just had her gene fixed, for less then $300, when her other place was telling her she needed a new gene! It pays to shop around. Pete's RV is also in the east valley.


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      I have had this same problem when I ran Genarac (POS) generators. Thier local service center said take it out and we will fix it, even that it was mounted on the side with a pull out. This RV place would only work on fancy RV's.

      Commerical accounts were not their thing. Now I have an inverter.


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        Fantastic, I was about to give up. I will look them up and see if I can get them to service my generator and hot water heater. Thank You so much. You are a Angel!


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          RV Specialists

          I've used RV Specialists, but there are also in the East Valley...East Mesa to be exact....They have always treated me well and get me right in, they realize if the van is down, I can't work....I can't find their number at the moment, but they are located on Apache Trail....Good luck!


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            Hey Dixie, let me know how you fare with Pam's referral. I have had a really rough time finding anyone besides Cummins Rocky Mountain...they DO take forever, and are horribly expensive. I was quoted $450 for an oil and filters change...and my gene is located on the tongue of my trailer! I am also in the East Valley...nice to meet you.


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              It has taken me a bit to come back to this post but I am going to call the East Valley folks today and look into it, thanks folks