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  • Paying mobile employees

    Do you figure the travel time between grooms?

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    Absolutely not. I pay commission on the grooms only. Driving is part of the job. Fueling up and cleaning and refilling water are also the job duties.

    If the argument is I don’t get paid to drive and I can do more grooms in a shop, I argue you do less grooms and get more break time driving and make generally more than a full day at a shop. I know there are shop groomers who make more than mobile employees but that’s not the norm. My prices are 25 to 35 higher per dog so in turn you make more doing less plus tips that you don’t share.


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      I was a mobile employee at one time. It was a great break from working at shops where there was so much distraction with all the gals. 3 radio stations on different stations and gossip. Took a mobile job and did 4 to 6 stops a day and made good enough because the prices were higher. It was nice to be out in the world and not in a shop all day. I found tips were higher most of the time in mobile too.


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        I worked mobile awhile and just got commission. My depth perception is not so good but not bad so driving was an effort and stopped.