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Year round mobile grooming in Alaska?

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  • Year round mobile grooming in Alaska?

    I have been watching Food Truck Race in Alaska this season. Even some of repair workers face some struggles working on vans in that kind of cold. Those vehicles have a tough time in Alaska. Sometimes it so cold that they cannot get ovens hot enough to bake. That got me thinking about with the risks on the road and fighting the cold do mobile groomers work year round in Alaska?

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    I am watching that series too. I just cannot imagine being mobile like that unless I served Anchorage with the population and bit more moderate weather being near the sea. Those inland locations no way.


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      I cant image keeping a mobile van in that climate. It would be impossible to keep your water fluid. You would have a 50 gallon ice cube overnight.

      You would need a heated garage that can park a 11 foot RV size vehicle.

      Overall,, I cant see any demand in places like Alaska or very remote locations with small populations.

      I knew a mobile groomer who moved to central Idaho and could not build a client base. She did like 5 grooms a week and drove many miles. She wound up moving back to vegas and jumped right back into a full schedule.


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        Never been "up North", but I would think that the smaller breeds that are popular down in the lower 48 States may not be able to withstand the brutal weather. Probably the most popular breeds are the larger hairy breeds that are housed outdoors.

        Happy not shipping my doxies to Alaska

        Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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          OK so we watched it on foodtv and no way could I imagine mobile grooming that way. One even got frostbite working in a van.


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            I watched it. No way, cannot imagine. Hawaii is great for year round work weather.


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              Tonight is Fairbanks, being in a city albeit not large might be a little better, no I doubt it. Anchorage by the ocean is probably possible.

              So then are there mobile groomers in Maine in winter?