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Diesel smell complaint

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  • Diesel smell complaint

    Have you ever gotten a complaint from diesel exhaust smell?

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    Yes a couple times. But I think gasoline or diesel wouldn't have made any difference. Sometimes they have neighbors that are problems.


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      Same thing, gas or diesel some complain.


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        I had a complaint I forgot about. I was using gas genie and the neighbor next door was cutting the grass with a power mower, yet said please turn that genie off asap. Like your fumes are better than mine?


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          Yeah I had all kinds of complaints over the years, noise, smell, length of time running.

          I know some cities have idling
          Laws like cabs can't sit idling for more than x amount. But i don't think it applies to onboard generators. I cant see what local authority can do or cite you for..

          I know for instance the city of Pasadena cal has a ban on gas lawnmowers and such and when we did dog shows there,, we were not allowed to use generators. They provided power for those who pre paid. Very strict there. I wonder if mobile groomers can even work in Pasadena.