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Running late today so guess what the new customer wants?

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  • Running late today so guess what the new customer wants?

    Some trees came down and blocked our roads. No other way to go so I was an hour behind schedule. I called ahead so everyone knew. In this case I did answer the phone during the day and answered if I recognized the number. The new customer made a fit and said it was going to cost her an extra hour for the babysitter or toddler school would charge her $10. She said she would need a 50% discount! Is this any way to start a new customer?

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    You should have asked for her garage code, or to leave a key outside, so you can enter and retrieve the doggie, no one needs to be home. I know she was a new client, but she could have easily told you her expectations of the groom on the phone.

    Happy making everyone happy

    Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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      I would tell her sorry I'm not going to be your groomer. The nerve of some people.

      No discount at all. Find a new groomer.


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        In fact, us mobile groomers should provide a arrival window. We give 1 hour. So if your appointment is 10am, we have until 11 on the late end.

        We tell them sometimes things delay us such as road closures and wrecks, traffic. I usually run early but sometimes things slow you down. Its the nature of any mobile services.

        Some businesses like plumbers give large windows like 8am to 12 we can be there. Furniture delivery is notorious for saying am or pm delivery.


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          Click. Call block.


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            If they are already looking for a discount, no that is not a good sign.


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              NO way that is not a keeper.


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                I don't think so, lady. Good-bye and good riddance. Just another selfish person who thinks they are entitled.
                Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

                Groom on!!!