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Do you potty all dogs before you take them to your unit?

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  • Do you potty all dogs before you take them to your unit?

    I do. Even if the customer says he or she just went. Some of them get excited about the groom and they need a chance again.

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    Yes, as I walk out to my van, I allow the doggie to go onto the grass........most times the dog tinkles......both going to and coming from the van. Some dogs even have "trained" me as to which bush they like best before we enter the van.

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      I do if the dog acts like they need to go. Otherwise, I give them the chance when I'm taking them back to the house.


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        No way. I would lose so much time. I advise my morning clients to not feed and potty before I arrive.

        By mid morning and the remainder of the day, most dogs have did their business. I usually don't have any issues with the other later appointments.


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          I do most of the time. But I first ask the owner if they had just had them outside for their business.


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            I pretty much know which ones are good or not based on past experience. If you remind customers to walk them before the appt most facilitate.


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              I groom a couple wetters so always them. Otherwise pretty rare but do ask the pet owner to be sure.


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                I know the wetters, doesn't everyone? That is just something I remember. So I always do them. Otherwise I do ask pet owners to cooperate.