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Two vans sell with 4 hours of being posted for sale

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  • Two vans sell with 4 hours of being posted for sale

    Amazing demand for used vans.
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      I see no end to it until maybe winter. If lock down hit again OMG some shop groomers are going to fuming and go mobile.


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        I am looking for a 2nd van and missed 2 opportunities in the range I want. Trailers go fast too. But not going there.


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          If they ever shut us down, I'll groom from home. I just can't imagine being a professional waiter or chef in NYC or other large city with the restrictions still in place. I would have lost my mind by now. And you know I probably would have figured a way to start serving and "cheffing" at home also! This idea that it's illegal to open your business but permissible to engage in other activities is just simply unacceptable. One day the people are going to revolt and resist this insanity big time. I feel just awful for people getting screwed over and losing everything they built up in their lives!


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            Yes there are cities on the verge of a new form of protest of the people.

            Too many politicians Do what I say, not what I do. You cannot open your gym, oh yes, the government gym is open. Enough is enough is growing.

            I feel so sad for so many small business restaurant owners, and even people hairstylists that still cannot open and CV cases are low in many areas.

            Not a rant but agree Kurt it is out of control in some areas, and then we hear that most of these mandates are not even law.