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Sliding van door running tight and tough to open all the way

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  • Sliding van door running tight and tough to open all the way

    Any clues why that would happen. Did hair buildup inside the works?

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    Yes, you have hair wrapped around the roller wheels. First take your dryer and blast out the track. You should do this often anyway.

    Next visually look to see where the rollers are. Not the top track, always the bottom.

    I use hemostats to remove what I can. Once clean, I spray white lithium grease spray to make it glide easily.

    I dont know what van you have but they are all similar. You just have to inspect where you see hair and clean it.


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      Right except I didn't know about that lithium grease spray Tom. What makes it better, anything special?


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        Great thanks, doing that on Sunday. I have an Elite Tom. Will get that grease too.


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          It's a clean lightweight spray grease used on vehicle door hinges and other friction areas and doesn't build up and lasts compared to like WD40.

          While you are at it, spray your front door van hinges and rear door hinges. And those of us who tow, spray your hitch ball.


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            Mine were working OK but took a look and Tom they work better.


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              Same happening here I am behind in maintenance, no time! Working extra day each week to help out.