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Silly question- How do receipts work for mobile groomers?

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  • Silly question- How do receipts work for mobile groomers?

    I am getting my van Monday and the only thing left that I feel completely inept about is receipts and taking payments! I have enjoyed working with dogs and grooming for a decade now, so I am confident with just about everything else- I just never worked on the payment end of things.

    I plan on using Square for my credit card processing.

    How do I print/give receipts? What is your process?

    Thank you for your time. <3

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    I order receipts from Barkleigh......( I always fill it out with their name, the dog's name, date, the amount that I'm charging and the next appointment scheduled. It is a 2 copy receipt, so you give them the top (white) sheet, and you keep the carbon copy (yellow) for your records (for tax purposes). At the end of each month, I clip that month's receipts together and add them up and place sticky with this info on them.. Since I order 500 forms at once, I take them to my local printer and have them print my name and address on the top of each receipt.

    By-the-way, I only take cash or check...and in all my years of grooming (since 1987), I have only been asked twice if I take credit cards.....why pay a service to handle your incoming money when you can have it at the time of grooming....for free !!

    Happy making life simple

    Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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      I use square and we do not provide paper receipts. With square you can send text or email receipts and the customer may print to their hearts desire. I dont see the need for paper receipts where there's no product to return like a store purchase.

      If they pay cash, you can run it as cash and send a receipt even though it will not record as a sales deposit like a credit card payment. But its nice to record all service so you can see how much cash vs credit you did.

      So in 12 years of mobile, we had maybe a few clients insist on paper receipts and I would print out a invoice at home and mail it. Everyone else either no receipt or text receipt was fine.


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        Same as Tom


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          I see your side Dolly about paying some company a fee to process your payment when you can do it yourself.

          Clients nowadays especially younger people rely on plastic for everything, even a dollar coffee purchase. It would inhibit my business if I only took cash, and checks can be risky. I had my fair share of bounced client checks.

          For a nominal fee, we have the security of payment and a legal record for tax and audit purposes if needed. The IRS is always suspect of cash only businesses regardless if you provide receipts.

          The fees are also a complete tax write off and I dont have to worry about my groomers getting robbed.


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            I heard today that China is offering discounts to people that use cards not cash. That is an indication of severe financial issues.

            I don't mind if people use cards and I pay a fee. In my annual budget I figure the fees, about $800 a year, and I include that cost in my grooming prices for the year.


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              I like paper because I can go back to 2008 and see exactly who I groomed and how completes my tax box that includes all of my expenses and income.....just in case Mr. IRS knocks on my door. I know you need to keep all records for (I think) 3 years, but I keep them all in my attic. I tried to destroy my early records, but I just couldn''s a part of my past and since I have space, I will continue to store them........

              Happy traveling up to the attic

              Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC



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                Another reason for taking cards is if you have employees. Cash payments can lead to theft.

                Example. Dog is booked at say 85. Client Pays cash. Groomer tells owner client decided they wanted a tidy only this visit and I charged 70. Groomer pockets 15. Owner doesn't have time to call client and confirm a tidy at 70 bucks was performed.

                Taking a card will encourage the groomer to charge full prices because they want their full commission on 85.

                I now allow groomers to keep 100 percent of nail trim add ons like if a neighbor stops by and usually pays cash. Instead of trying to keep them honest, it's a added bonus for them and may lead to neighbors booking full grooms in the future.


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                  I like the idea, keep paper receipts and email them too. I know when I go to the post office now you have a choice.


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                    I got some custom printed ones at my local UPS Store