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Former mobile groomer wants to Christmas rush for me

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  • Former mobile groomer wants to Christmas rush for me

    I have known her a long time when I was at a shop where she left to go mobile, maybe that is where I got the idea too. She retired a year ago from mobile and misses it and wants some extra $. Actually if I was a shop I think it would be a better idea, but I offered her Christmas Eve and she said fine and I have 2 Sundays she could work PT and give me some nice holiday prep time. I don't think any customers will have a problem with it? What do you think?

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    I think about doing this all the time, and I suppose if it was someone I knew I could go with it. I just worry that someone wouldn't take care of my van. But in your case sure why not? You could even do some people who aren't your clients. Last minute people.


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      I agree with Cockerlvr, I don't see any issues unless you know a specific client that wouldn't like it and go around that person and do them yourself.


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        Sounds like a plan. We can do it in shops in a similar way, why not you?