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    Here is my situation: I need a gorgeous picture of a Cocker Spaniel or Cavalier King Charles and a picture of a Schnauzer. I need them to look adorable and groomed.

    This picture will be used in advertising. If you have one that is great!!!! If not, I will take one of my clients dogs to a photographer:-)

    I have decided to expand our mobile service and we are purchasing two more vans...yay!!. On my current van we have a Corgi and we get comments all of the time on how adorable. Our other two vans are going to be EXACTLY the same with the exception of a different dog.

    If you have a pic, and don't mind me borrowing it, I would be grateful!

    just e-mail me:-) [email protected]

    Woofs and Kisses,

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    Just out of curiosity... What sort of release form is needed for using someone else's picture(s) as advertisement?


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      Can't you get any kind of picture you need online? If not copy writed?


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        Sorry, I wish I had one that I could send you, but I don't have any...and I can tell you I've never groomed what I would consider a gorgeous cocker. I would be so flattered to have a picture of a dog I groomed on the side of a van driving all around town....I hope someone can help you.
        don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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          Furry, thanks :-)

          I haven't found any I truly like off of the internet or they have so much stuff around them it is hard to crop.

          As far as release form, there really isn't any, if you own the picture then it is yours. I won't be making copies of the picture just blowing it up REALLY large:-)


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              You should be able to get pictures of dogs from the facility where you got the graphics. I have pix on my van of dogs that wnt put on when I purchased my van. They are very good quality.. the detail is amazing.
              When you are putting on real pictures of dogs as a graphic, it has to be a professional picture with certain pixels or it will come out badly.
              I know that you can purchase some from wagn tails and have a local graphics person apply it for you.


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                Gracy Rose I would love to see my dogs in pictures. I e-mailed you 4 pics of two of my cavaliers. They look much better in person than I can give them credit in pictures.


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                  Pampered is right, you will need some kind of release for the photo, I would have a lawyer write something up.

                  If it were a photo of you that a photographer took, and (here in Utah) wanted to hang it up to display in their studio, the photographer would have to get a "model's release" signed by the person in the photo. I think that is what it is called (Models release)...something like that.

                  Tammy in Utah
                  Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                    Modeling Contest?

                    It sounds like you have a similar style of graphics on your vans that I am planning to put on my trailer. Is what you are putting on your van called a wrap? I am planning to put large graphics on the trailer that I will be getting in the near future. I don't want to put the typical style of writing and graphics on my trailer that most grooming vehicles use. I would love to know how you located the company that is doing your graphics.

                    As far as finding a model for your new van, what about holding a big "modeling contest" for dogs in your area as a way to find a model and also to get great advertising for your business? I'm sure that the local news would want to pick that up. Just a thought. I used to own a pet photography studio and if you find "the right dog" you could probably find a decent photographer fairly reasonably at a local college. Hope that you find a really great photo to use either way. Also I'd love to see how your van turns out. I hope that you will post a pic!
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                      Spikey and Pampered, I checked with an attorney (who is a client) and two people own each picture the photographer and the object in the picture (this being the dog's owner). This is why I asked for photos from people of their dog. It releases me, also this is not a mass production or am I selling the photos this would then fall under legal issues. I know you were just trying to help and thank you :-)

                      Tails, you are a doll!

                      Toomuch, yes, we are on the same wave length here. I really like to real life picture as opposed to the cartoon images.


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                          You can alter the photo and completely change the markings using cut and paste in a photo editor.


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                            Here's what I'm thinking, and it's similar to what Pamperedpups said above:

                            Let's say Ms. Jones gives you a photo of Fluffy to put on your van. You put the photo of her dog on your van, she gets miffed at you for some reason, then decides that she thinks she can sue your fanny end off by saying you "stole" her photo, etc...

                            Of course we know she gave you the photo, but if there is no "proof," what would happen? I guess it is the "what if" that scares me...

                            But if an attorney has told you go for it, then I would have HIM write something up, lol...j/k

                            Tammy in Utah
                            Groomers Helper Affiliate


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