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  • Bathroom

    I read a thread awhile ago about this question. I would like to know what everyone does about a bathroom while mobile grooming. You must have to go while you are grooming. I wish I could afford a big enough van to have a bathroom on board. So much more convienant and less worry.

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    Too funny!

    I should be getting a trailer soon, so I'm not on the road yet. But that's one reason why I had considered convertng a mini-motorhome. I may still do that instead. I'm such a germ nut, I'm sure that I will have a memorized list of all the cleanest public restrooms in my area! Ha Ha.


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      Think about it

      I would seriously consider the one with the bathroom. I actually have a little porta potty on board just in case. But I need to get some curtains or something for the windows. My worst fear is the owner coming up to the van while I am using it. LOL!


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        I just hold it. Try to limit my water intake and hover over the public toilet.
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          Here is my thought about the potty: YUCK, have to clean it. If you have the RV type, you have to find a disposal area to dump it. I have a van and as you get to know your clients you will know which ones you can use the potty or I stop at McDonalds and get me a diet coke at the same time.

          Many of my clients are not home when I groom their dogs and I have keys or the codes to their house. Some of them I have built up true friendships with and they even keep diet coke in their fridge for me on the days I groom their dogs, these are the clients that I have no qualms about using their restrooms.


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            Kitty box

            Hi! Well from traveling with my friends years ago, (showing cats, we all stopped and used the kitty box...or another friend always called it a "pit stop". Well by what ever name it is a good ieda to have something handy. I am fortunate to have an on-board bathroom complete with hot water for hand washing, even a cute little fold away sink. The side pull out and you step in for privacy.

            However, with that said, it has not has occasion to be used.

            Someone had a good idea to keep a bit of kitty litter in your rig, plastic bag and waste can and yep it works for an emergency. I also like to just take a little time to stop at a gas station. I seldom ask a client if I could use the facility.

            I suppose a lot depends on where you are too, if you are out in a rural setting, the next lavitory stop may be miles away. Mostly I'm in town with a gas stop every few miles.

            Kitty litter and a bag is always a good stand by hehehe.


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              I stop at grocery stores and gas stations. I HATE public restrooms, but you can't just not go, LOL! I wish I had a porta potty, but same worry, what if someone knocks on the door while you are using it??? Umm, just a sec, I am taking a potty??? He he.


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                I have a porta potty. My windows are tinted so dark no one can see in! Works great!


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                  Many of the areas I live in are kind of rural and there are not many public places to use the restroom. I simply ask the owners if I may use their bathroom. I have a good relationship with the regulars, so I don't feel funny asking. I do know all the dunkin' donuts, McDonalds, etc. in the area that I can go to in a pinch.
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                    I have a ten gallon bladder and rarely have to make a pit stop. However, there are times when you simply have to go. For these times, I utilize convenience stores if I can't stop at home. I am kind of centrally located so stopping home is usually pretty easy at some point. I could never use a client's toilet unless i had no other option and it was a dire emergency. i don't know why, i just think it is ooogy. Like, i wouldn't be crazy about having a service person use my toilet. I am not a clean freak by any means, just something that i don't quite feel right about.


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                      Hi I just ask the clients they pretty much know me and my little bladder.If I don't feel comfortable I will stop at the park or nearest fastfood place.If I'm lucky and I'm close by I will often stop at my grandmas house.It's usually in the middle of my route.I would love to have a elite with a portapotty.


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                        Gotta Go, Gotta Go right now!!!!!

                        I love my Elite with the RV bathroom. Sometime I have to go like now!!
                        I just put the dog on the floor and hop in to the bathroom.
                        My bladder is much happier.


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                          If I ever have to leave mobile grooming it will probably be because of the bathroom situation. I have a nervous stomach and I have had to cancel appointments because of it.

                          I don't have a bathroom in my van, and I don't like using other peoples bathrooms. There are a few that I know well enough I could ask, but I have never used one before. This is one area that wasn't well thought out about mobile grooming. In my case, I just have to stop on occasion, or schedule enough time to stop at home for a lunch break.

                          I do wonder though about other jobs, like delivery people or home repair services. They are probably in the same boat as us.

                          If I ever upgrade again with a brand new van I will spring the extra money for a bathroom.


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                            I do wonder though about other jobs, like delivery people or home repair services. They are probably in the same boat as us.

                            My hubby used to be a bug man for company I will not say. He told me that one time he was in basement of some house killing bugs and had to go so bad be went in laundry sink. lol. I guess men are lucky to have that option. I used to drive for a living and I just used public restrooms except one time I was in the middle of nowhere and my aunt came to visit unexpectidly I had to ask a customer. Had to make fake cough to cover up the wrapper crinkle cause it was their powder room and they were right at the door.
                            If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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                              Mcdonalds have the cleanest bathrooms, then the AM/PM's, Shells, Mobile. in that order! Grocery store ones are scarry. I have too many windows for a portapotty, and a lot of my clients have bathrooms outside for the workers or Guest bathrooms.