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  • Where do I start?

    I have decided that according to my personal situation and such that my best option is to start housecall cat grooming. The problem is, I dont know where to start! Do I need to get a business liscence or a business plan first? Or keep saving my money to get good equipment and start advertising? Im really confused. I have a good idea as to what im gonna do for advertisment, I'm well networked in my area and can use word of mouth to my advantage and such. I just dont know where to start. I dont have the best equipment (my standards are tough!) at the moment and was thinking of getting some sort of funding, but even that is confusing as well. Anyone?


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    Jenn- You should definitely sit down a write up some sort of a plan before anything. A plan will help you figure out if you are going to want to just use what you have now and buy better equipment as you go, or wait and save until you can buy everything you want. You'll also want to figure out how much everything is going to cost, how many clients you'll need, how much you're going to charge, etc. Think about how and for how long you're going to fit in a full or part time job in addition to grooming, etc. It sounds like you are already a cat groomer, so you won't have to figure in anything about schooling. As for funding, having some savings to back you up is ideal: read From Problems to Profits! Before starting, the least you'll need is a biz. lic. and insurance.

    Good luck!


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      I would talk to a lawyer or accountant to find out about getting a license. If you want to name your business, that is a must. You will need to collect taxes and such. Best to consult a professional.
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        From Problems To Profits!!

        I agree with Pampered. Plus I have to agree that the absolute best book out there for anyone who is even thinking about starting a grooming business, is Problems To Profits. They have packed a lifetime of business and grooming knowledge into this book. Seriously, if you purchase Problems To Profits you will not regret it!


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          Is that part of the buisness in a box? Or can you purchase that book seperately? If you can, can you tell me how much it costs?


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            I will pipe in a little here.

            From Problems to Profits is where we started in the consultation side of the industry after 26 years of owning one of the world's largest grooming businesses.

            We then went on to years of seminars, workshops, business plan writing, and personal consultations, groomers from around the world come stay in WA state with us for an intensive 16 hour consult.

            OK based on all that experience, Grooming Business in a Box is 5 more Workbooks, and each has a CD-ROM which is a bonus, but the one with Business Plan Helper is essential in my opinion if you really need a hard copy business plan totally professional. It's a new standard for our industry.

            So the Box is a SERIES of 5 books and 6 CD-ROM bonuses. Business Plan Helper sells now and Mastering Groomer Compensation & Operations will go on sale in about 3 weeks, and 2 more in Feburary. This brutal Fall and Winter here has really put a bit behind.

            Next, April there will be online business courses matching From Problems to Profits and the Box workbooks.

            Finally, by Fall 2007 yes there will be a new From Problems to Profits, it is a new look primarily, AND about 120 more pages. We are not subtracting any info. It will have a fresh new layout and yes, we are adding mobile management to a degree in it. If you already own a copy of From Problems you can upgrade to the new book at a discount. Truly the info in the BOX SERIES is the key. From Problem is becoming more of an intro, and an important one, and the BOX SERIES is for "masters" of business owners.

            From Problems will always sell separate of the Box Series.

            We are really loving the Groomer Compensation edition. What a tough subject in so many ways. We are making things very very clear and easy to understand, and we support commission plans etc, not just our preference for non commission, and by doing so you can fairly compare and choose. But there are some TRULY NEW TOOLS coming NEVER talked about here or at our seminars etc...only our private again...ground breaking education in management for the industry.

            Once this is in place indeed the last touch is software.
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              try to get what you need to get you through a month and try NOT to spend monry on anything but your equipment that is upstanding is expensive but worth it because it will last a long time providing you take care of it. Little by little your business will build up, Just make sure your customers feel comfortable with you and build a goo repoire with them. And ...yeah maybe invest in a 'hood muzzle' for those 'hard to manage cats with the big big fangs! Good Luck flufnstuf5


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                Housecall cat service sounds like a great idea! Insurance is a must because you have to protect yourself in the client's home. Your car insurance will change if you start using your personal vehicle for business. And a business license is a must but should not cost a lot. When I had a gift shop it was only $35.00 a year.

                Make sure you have a groomers helper because I have seen many cats in our shop and they use it all the time on them.



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                  HI, let me offer a little help: First call your insurance to make sure that your idea is insurable. Next, call your city and to see what type of Occupational license you need (in my are we have to have an Occupational license and a Services License). Then start with your equipment. A business plan is deisigned to keep you on track and to assist with financing.